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BlueBox GUI for FreeSWITCH looks very promising

(NOTE: If you’ve come here from my apologies. I’ve notified them to only follow my database related posts and hope they’ll not follow my full blog feed shortly.) I recently came across a new site which offers a GUI configuration tool for FreeSWITCH. Despite buying the FreeSWITCH 1.0.6 Book which is a very good [...]

Innovating with Open Source: Call Center Services

The rise of open source software within both public and private organizations is something well understood, and well documented - industry analysts estimate 80%+ of organizations use open source software within their IT projects.

Typical uses include web infrastructure, internal network infrastructure, IT Development & Test environments and departmental applications.

But open source solutions are not restricted purely to these (very important) "horizontal" apps.  With the wealth of open source projects out there now, it is possible to build highly specialized solutions, addressing very specific problems, that previously could only be addressed with expensive and time consuming internal custom development.

A great example is from a new case study of …

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Asterisk attack

There was a lot of talk about this being the next menace after email spam. I’m not actually sure what it’s called for VoIP systems, but my Asterisk setup has started to be attacked over the last few days. Lots of entries like: [Aug 27 19:20:30] NOTICE[18826] chan_sip.c: Registration from '"742"<sip:742@a.b.c.d>' failed for '' - [...]

451 CAOS Links 2010.01.21

EC approves Oracle-Sun. Google patents MapReduce. And more.

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EC approves Oracle-Sun

The European Commission cleared Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems. While Larry Ellison is set to unveil Oracle’s Sun strategy on January 27th, Monty Widenius said he will go to the Court of First Instance to appeal the decision.

# Pro-open source political party formed in Hungary.

# Google …

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