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High availability using MySQL in the cloud

Next Wednesday (June 10) I’ll be co-presenting a webinar on using MySQL in the cloud for High Availability (HA). Joining me will be 451 Research analyst Jason Stamper and together we’ll talk about the realities of HA using MySQL in the cloud and how vendors are responding to changing application requirements with new developments that can enhance your deployment.

We’ll also present a comparison of available solutions along with key best practices you can follow for successfully attaining HA in the cloud with MySQL. The webinar is scheduled for June 10 at 10 a.m. Pacific. Register here.

Together we’ll cover:

  • What do HA MySQL deployments in the cloud look like …
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Amazon now accepts hard drives for EC2 data transfer

I guess they got tired of people sending angry emails about data transfer fees:

“Amazon provides an online calculator to help customers decide whether it makes financial sense to ship data via mail rather than uploading over the Internet. You plug in the number of terabytes, devices, average file size, return shipping information and other factors, and find out how much the data transfer would cost via mail compared to standard Internet uploads.

For example, transferring data from a single device containing 2TB would require 26 hours of data loading time and cost $144.74. Uploading the same amount of data over the Internet would cost $204.80. The calculator does not show how long the Internet transfer would take.”

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Interesting links that predict the future of data storage

Ok, they aren’t like the 2012 nonsense or anything but they are interesting articles that will be important topics in the near future for expanding our knowledge and usefulness in the job market. Being a DBA does not limit you to relational database systems. I expect to see more requests for non-relational or No-SQL type of data stores as they can have many advantages over an RDBMS. Stability, scalability, simplification of administration, higher performance on lesser hardware for larger datasets, and many other items make no-sql engines very interesting. Here are some useful links:

How can I pass up talking about the various Cloud offerings again. Here are some interesting news stories …

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