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Bangkok Unrest

In celebration of my arrival in Bangkok the opposition party is apparently planning a million person “red shirt” rally. Exciting! On the bright side, “The UDD [United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship] can only afford to keep its protest going for three to five days. If the government has not fallen by that time, it will have to withdraw and draw up a new strategy.” I always pick the best times to travel. (Mom, don’t worry. I’ll stay safe!)

Looking for MySQL-ish things around Thailand/SE Asia

I recently relocated to Khon Kaen, Thailand for 3 months. Since I can do my Open Query work from anywhere (as long as there is a decent internet connection with not too much latency) that is entirely no problem. It is a nice city, far from the business/busyness of Bangkok. Almost noone speaks english here, which makes even the simplest task an adventure (imagine miming an umbrella in front of 10 giggling store employees)

Now that I have gotten settled in Khon Kaen, I am looking for fun work-related things to do around here: conferences, user groups, interesting projects etc. Anything goes really, even if it is not so much work-related. I also have free time on my hands

I am quite likely going to do a tutorial on MMM at in Kuala Lumpur. It’s still waiting on a few things since I announced my availability super-late, but I have good hope. I am turning to our readers to ask for …

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Taking MySQL On The Road

I’m headed to Thailand in September (along with my friend and MySQL colleague Morgan) for an extended working holiday. It’ll be my third time there, and each time I visit, I fall more in love with the place. The culture is fascinating, the food is marvelous, and the people are some of the nicest I’ve met anywhere.

Since we’re planning to be there for a while, we figure that we can take a little time out from work and play to do some Open Source evangelising and networking. We’ve already contacted Open Source Thailand about the possibility of participating in any events they’ve got planned for Software Freedom Day. (Actually, Morgan got the ball rolling on that.)

However, we’re not limited to that particular event. Either one of …

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