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New WordPress Tattoo

John Hawkins is now the second person with a real-life WordPress tattoo. You can see it finished here, and two in-progress shots. John used the variation of the logo they did for WordCamp Las Vegas which he also organizes. Perhaps we should create a new category on Code Poet for 9seeds.

Chrome Checker

I’ve been back on Chrome pretty much full-time, especially since I figured out some proxy stuff, so the new After the Deadline checker for Google Chrome is a lifesaver. See also: Download Squad.

Groupcard Acquired

One of my first angel investments, GroupCard, has been acquired by InComm as announced on their blog, VentureBeat, and TechCrunch. It’s been a pleasure watching their team and business grow and I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future. Hat tip to my consigliere, Matt Bartus, for the original introduction.

Mirroring Censored Blogs

Global Voices Advocacy has a new guide: Mirroring a Censored WordPress Blog. They continue to be the best source for using WordPress to democratize publishing in places restricted freedom.

Twenty Ten starting

The new Twenty Ten theme is now live on and the default for all new blogs created on the service. As an aside, (11 million sites) was switched over to 3.0 over the weekend. I love it when we’re able to do that early because we find a ton of bugs in the integration and merge, and then we have 11 million beta testers banging on the software before we do the shrink-wrap release.

WordCamp San Francisco 2010

We’re now about a week away from WordCamp San Francisco 2010. I am extremely excited about the speaker lineup this year (6-7 not listed yet), we’ll have a jazz performance, awesome shirts… best WordCamp SF yet. Get your tickets ASAP if you hope to attend.

Drop-Out Entrepreneur

Mia Saini did a video interview and article on Forbes called Drop-Out Entrepreneur.

Surprise Me

Randy Kennedy at the New York Times covered the Seven on Seven event and my collaboration with Evan Roth which resulted in Surprise Me on There was also coverage in BusinessWeek. Hat tips to Niall and Noel for some day-of bug fixes and debugging.

Typography for Lawyers

Typography for Lawyers is a cool use of WordPress for a mini-book. Hat tip: Scots Law Student.

Ning to BuddyPress

JJJ at BuddyPress has some Helpful Resources for Ning Users. I’ve seen smaller startups rush to fill the space left by Ning’s announcement they’re getting out of their free tier, but honestly if a company with $120,000,000 in funding can’t figure that business out, I wouldn’t hitch my horse to a company with $5-6M. It’s better to get a $10/mo hosting account you know will be around forever and install BuddyPress and have complete and total control over your network, from the domain to the source code.

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