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Drop-Out Entrepreneur

Mia Saini did a video interview and article on Forbes called Drop-Out Entrepreneur.

BLOB streaming, Raj Kissu, in the newspapers

Raj Kissu is in the papers today. He completed a Google Summer of Code 2008 project with MySQL, hacking on blob streaming for phpMyAdmin. In fact, his project was so good, he has commit access to the phpMyAdmin tree :-)

Today, The Star had an article about him (and two other students), titled For the love of code. He said:

But Raj has already heard ­inquiries for his project. “A ­company that has developed a transactional engine using MySQL server have clients who want to test BlobStreaming,” he said.

Kudos Raj. I think we’ll see more great work from Paul McCullagh and Barry Leslie, as more happens with Scalable BLOB Streaming for MySQL happens.

In fact, Barry Leslie …

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MySQL Presence Launched in Brasil

Bom dia!

On Monday and Tuesday this week, a team of MySQLers (”Sun Dolphins”) and Sunnies (”Sun Classics”) launched the commercial presence of MySQL in Brazil.

This means we have now have ambitions well beyond the growth of the MySQL user base in Brazil, which already is in the top five countries of the world when it comes to downloads. In other words,

  • we have a senior sales person assigned, with a sales goal for Brazil
  • we are recruiting sales engineers for Brazil
  • we are recruiting Support Engineers, who will deliver MySQL support in Portuguese
  • we are recruiting Consultants, who will deliver MySQL professional services in Portuguese

During the Sun Tech Days in São Paulo, we …

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Hyperic Releases Alfresco Plugin

Released today, administrators of the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System now have access to a fully supported, enterprise-ready systems management solution with Hyperic HQ for Alfresco. The new Hyperic HQ plugin instantly enables HQ and Alfresco administrators to take full advantage of Hyperic?s powerful management capabilities, including auto-discovery, monitoring, complex alerting and remediation. With today’s release of the Hyperic HQ for Alfresco plugin, Hyperic HQ becomes the only monitoring system to natively support Alfresco deployments on every platform and architecture.

Enterprise Content Management ensures the quick and reliable delivery, accessibility and long-term control of the most important information assets in an enterprise. These all require a strong, reliable architecture,? said John Newton, CTO and co-founder of Alfresco Software Inc. ?Hyperic HQ?s plug …

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MaxDB article on

MaxDB article on

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