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MySQL and the SSB – Part 2 – MyISAM vs InnoDB low concurrency

This blog post is part two in what is now a continuing series on the Star Schema Benchmark.

In my previous blog post I compared MySQL 5.5.30 to MySQL 5.6.10, both with default settings using only the InnoDB storage engine.  In my testing I discovered that innodb_old_blocks_time had an effect on performance of the benchmark.  There was some discussion in the comments and I promised to follow up with more SSB tests at a later date.

I also promised more low concurrency SSB tests when Peter blogged about the importance of performance at low concurrency.

The SSB tests a database’s ability to optimize queries for a star schema. A star …

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Scalable Star Schema Benchmark (SSB) Join Metrics

We ran a quick scalability test of Calpont join behavior across using a Star Schema Benchmark data set at a scale factor of 1000. The Star Schema Benchmark transforms a TPC-H / DBT-3 data to a more standardized data warehouse star schema data model, and the 1000 scale factor includes 6 billion rows in the primary fact table. Information on the star schema bench (SSB) can be found at .

-- Note that these queries are run without any tuning or indices created for these joins or filters.
-- Basically, this is just 1) Create tables (without index or …

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