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vBulletin session table and Hash index in MEMORY Engine

In vBulletin Board System there is session table contains online user information and tracking, in which forum now, what the current URL now, So it is have huge concurrent update statement, By default this table is MEMORY engine because its data not important in case MySQL restart.

I notice early loaded in MySQL and server, So I do full tuning for the server then analyze slow query using

vBulletin, session table is InnoDB

In large vBulletin forum we had strange problem in memory table "session", we've 25M post, 1.7M user, 20K online user.So we change engine of session table to InnoDB and set configuration of innoDB as follow (be careful this configuration is not proper for other tables because this is good in performance but bad in crash and recovery, and data reliability)innodb_data_home_dir = /dev/shm/mysql/

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