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New MySQL web installer, Have you tried it yet?

We recognize that the most important part to get you started is getting the products you want installed and well configured. That's why the installer team has been working really hard to enhance the user experience with MySQL products. We are proud to announce a newer, lighter version of the MySQL Installer is available for download at our website.

Have you tried the new MySQL Web Installer yet? Do it now!

It weights barely more than 1.5 MB in total but packs the ability to let you select any product from the MySQL family. The web installer will  handle the process of downloading, and installing what you need and will help you with configuration too.

Performing an Unattended Uninstall of MySQL in Windows

The MySQL Installer is an easy way to install and maintain your MySQL installations on Microsoft Windows.

It comes not only with the database server and documentation, but also with the underrated MySQL Workbench, and various connectors and support utilities such as MySQL for Excel. Modifying the installed products or uninstalling them is also fairly straightforward: 

 Start -> All Programs -> MySQL -> MySQL Installer -> MySQL Installer

This launches the Maintenance window of the Installer GUI, and gives you the options:

  • Add/Modify Products and Features
  • Check for Updates
  • Remove MySQL Products. …
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MySQL Installer, once again

First an apology. I have not been blogging much lately, but I do have a reason, and I think a valid one for once (i.e. not along the lines of "I was out drinking last night" or "I was busy boiling potatoes" or something), I have been moving house. And my new office is now as tidy as ever (and if you believe that, let me tell you about a bridge in New York that I have for sale at a really good price). No, the place is a mess, but my beautiful wife keeps up with me, and I am slowly getting things together.

That said, let's get to the point, MySQL Installer! If you read this blog, you know I have copmplained about this puppy several times before (First attempts with MySQL Installer and …

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MySQL Installer part 2

OK, I was having too much fun in my last post on this subject, so I try again. Just to be safe i Uninstall MySQL Installer, reboot my machine, and download the Installer again. Installing it this time didn't make anything happen it seemed? No dialogs, no nothing? But it is back there in the Start menu at least... OK, Let's try that one...
Think think think.. Whammo:
Yes, I am aware this is running on Swedish Windows, but let's try it on a US Windows 7 installation....

Downloaded and tried it on this machine, and now the installer runs at least. The "configuration" step doesn't actually do much. The Connector/.NET installation still insists on not finding a download location at …

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First attempts with MySQL Installer

This was a sad day for me. I once, when I was at MySQL, was a big fan of a better installer for MySQL on Windows. Something that would install all you wanted on just Windows, in a way applicable for Windows and integrating with the appropriate Windows products. So installing MySQL would not just install MySQL, it would also install the Visual Studio plugin for MySQL, for example, if you so requested (and the installer might even be so smart so it could check if VS was installed, and then ask you politely if you wanted the plugin). The same goes for ODBC drivers, .NET drivers and what have you not.

Fact is, I had this idea a long time ago and was promoting it inside MySQL with my usual frenzy when I think I have a good idea, although I wasn't the first to have this idea.

So, now, after all these years, and I have even left MySQL since, this Installer is soon ready for prime time, MySQL Installer is at it's last RC before …

[Read more] – automated installer now available

As previously mentioned, Darren Cassar has been working on a new automated installer for the DBbenchmark program. It’s now available for download: click here. All you need to do is save it to the directory that you want to install to and then make sure it’s executable: “chmod 700”, then run it “./”.

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