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GSoC 2011 Ideas – Karma plugin for openSUSE Connect

This post is about one idea for GSoC 2011 regarding openSUSE Connect. I already wrote about it some time ago, but now is time to elaborate a little bit more.

First of all, let me state, that I already found a qualified student, that wants to work on this idea and that has also some good suggestions. So I’m not searching for a student with this post, but I want to share with you the goals of this project and why I think it is important.

Let’s start again with what it is all about. We as a openSUSE Project have many contributors. People provide not only code, but they write documentation on our wiki, report bugs, organize release parties, organize booths at conferences and much more. Obviously we should make their effort recognized …

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GSoC 2011 Ideas – OpenID provider for Elgg

Last week I started introducing my GSoC ideas. This is continuation of that post series. Today I’ll be writing about OpenID provider plugin for Elgg, what is it good for and why we need it.

What is Elgg and why should you care?

Elgg is a soacial networking platform. It is written in PHP and it has quite general design. It supports plugins that can change nearly anything. It also has quite vivid community around. Community that among other things provides lots of plugins. And it is of course open source. All these features were reasons why we chose Elgg as a platform for openSUSE Connect.
If you are not familiar with openSUSE …

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openSUSE Paste after the sixth hackweek

Hackweek ended over a week ago. It was a lot of fun. I hope that some of you enjoyed it at least as much as I did. Unfortunately (or luckily? ), right after the Hackweek I was traveling to attend two conferences (firstly Znalosti 2011 in Slovakia and then FOSDEM (will blog about FOSDEM later)). Because of that I didn’t wanted to deploy what I was working on and I delayed the blogpost as well.
So what was I working on? On our precious pastebin. My original idea was to make connection between openSUSE Paste and openSUSE Connect. It ended a little bit differently.

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Hackweek 6: openSUSE Paste news

As all of you know already, Hackweek number 6 started yesterday. What I’ll be doing? Last Hackweek I started with project to run pastebin for openSUSE. Thanks to you I received quite some feedback. Mostly positive. The rest that wasn’t entirely positive contained some feature requests I guess it can count also as positive feedback in the end. One big feature was already implemented. Our pastebin support image pastes as well as code one. This was done mainly to help Sirko and our artwork team. Although user interface wasn’t really intuitive, it worked (UI is much better now in git repo, will be deployed in the end of the week). Other feature people asked for was ability to log in. So they’ll have their …

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DBJ – MySQL Character Sets

In our latest article at Database Journal we talk about Character Sets in MySQL.  What are they?  How do they affect searching?  How do they affect data that is inserted or updated?  How can I set and control the for an application or globally in my database?  And what pre-tell is collation?  We answer all these questions and more.

Database Journal – Understanding MySQL Character Sets

Twitter and Open Source

How do you build one of the busiest websites on the Internet? You wouldn’t guess the right answer to be, “You download some free software and hack  it”…Actually  the question is how do you build one of the world’s busiest websites that will scale affordably? You use open source software.

Twitter showed everyone their cards recently by publishing all the open source projects that they are contributing to. This is the picture of how open source software should work.

Organization has a a big, hard problem to solve. They write some software or update existing software and …

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Securing Wordpress

A couple of  weeks ago I got an unhappy email from my web hosting provider telling me I was in violation of their Terms of Service. Of course I called them immediately and was told that there was a “phishing page” hidden in one of my web directories. My blog had been hacked, so I immediately started doing some house cleaning.

After the initial once over and deletion of any suspicious files I went looking for advice on how to “harden my installation”. Here’s what I found:

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