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New release of DBD::mysql (v3.0004)

Patrick released a new version of the perl MySQL connector. This .pm was my introduction to the mysql world, way back in the day. If you can program your way out of a perl brown paper bag and you haven’t used this tool yet, I recommend you write a hello world program to get familiar with it. Good stuff.

Dear DBD::mysql users,

This announcement comes a few days late, but DBD::mysql version 3.0004
(stable, production) and 3.0004_1 (dev) have been released!

Version 3.0004 is the production version with server-side prepare
statements turned off by default, and 3.0004_1 is the development
version with server-side prepare statements turned on by default.

The changes in 3.0004, as listed in the changelog:
  * Fix dbd_st_finish which closed the handle prematurely (Martin Evans)
  * Compile issues (Martin Evans)
  * Fix to dbd_bind_ph to deal with numbers (ints, floats) correctly
    (Alexey Stroganov)
  * Test changes - bind_param 41 and 42

The changes to …
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MaxDB Synchronization Manager User Report

United Drugs had occasion to use the Synchronization Manager in production at this year’s convention. Mark Thomas (of United Drugs) and the MaxDB team at MySQL have been getting a use case document together to present the experiences. We had a great deal of help from the SyncMan dev team at SAP Berlin and Chris Hall of Just 4 Dental (who, by the way, also uses the Synchronization Manager in production).

I think the document has come together well and does a good job of describing what the industry can expect out of the Syncronization Manager in its current form. It should also be noted that this document has been presented to SAP Berlin and that many of the issues that have been brought to light have been addressed in the most …

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New release of MaxDB:

I’m happy to announce new releases of MaxDB 7.6. The Devs have put a lot of time and energy into this release and it addresses many issues. Take a look through the Change Log for some details.

Grab a copy of the new release here:

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