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xtrabackup_51: not found & no ‘mysqld’ group in MySQL options

Recently I happen to setup a new MySQL instance with my tools – a standard MySQL 5.1+, xtrabackup setup and last-hotbackup.tar.gz. To restore from the backup we used xtrabackup binaries and ran into issues following standard commands (assuming no changes): To prepare the backup I used apply-log as follows: $] innobackupex-1.5.1 --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/data/backup-my.cnf --apply-log  /usr/local/mysql/data --ibbackup […]

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Taste test: Innobackup vs. Xtrabackup

Firstly, I have to thank my co-workers Singer Wang and Gerry Narvaja for doing a lot of the work that resulted in this comparison.

After running both InnoDB Hot Backup and Xtrabackup, we have found that there is a measurable but not large difference between the resources that Xtrabackup and InnoDB Hot Backup consume.


  • Free
  • takes 1.1% longer (2 min during a 3 hour backup)
  • uses 1.4% more space (1G more in a 70G backup — this was for uncompressed backups)
  • uses 1.115% more cpu overall
  • split as 0.12% user, 0.66% nice, 0.025% system, …
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Using Xtradb Backup

As Baron points out, Percona’s Xtrabackup tool can be used just like InnoDB Hot Backup.

Many are wondering, “is it good enough?” In fact, I wondered the same thing, and after a few weeks of using and testing Xtrabackup (on machines that have MyISAM and InnoDB tables), I can say:

0) We have not run into any problems with backing up InnoDB tables; on the machines we’ve run it on (RHEL 5.3 and Debian) it has been stable.

1) We were able to use one of the binaries provided by Percona — we did not have to compile anything. Binaries are provided for 64-bit versions of Linux

2) Innobackupex is the script analogous to Innobackup. Basically, this is a wrapper script for Xtrabackup that will copy the …

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