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A Note On Good Practice

Even though I’ve been developing for some time now it never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t comment in their code. Most of us have fallen into the trap of “the code is self explanatory.” Sure, sometimes it is: if you’re writing “Hello World.” Even that can be questionable at times.

I once interviewed a seasoned developer who, when asked about how they document, replied “I think code should be self documenting.” I wanted to slap my forehead and send them packing right away. Code is never self-documenting. Never. Especially when you go back to it 4 weeks later. And if you think it is self documenting, the poor sap who has to maintain your code doesn’t.

With that said, I would like to make a plea to all non-documenters out there with good reasons on why you want to document.

Why Document? Visual Resting Place

Great …

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Follow-up To Loading CSS And JS Conditionally

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who read and gave their 2 cents about the [WordPress Plugin Development] How To Include CSS and JavaScript Conditionally And Only When Needed By The Posts post. The article was well received and will hopefully spark some optimizations around loading styles and scripts.

Here are some discussions and mentions around the web:

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MySQL University: Good Coding Style

This Thursday (March 5th, 14:00 UTC), Konstantin Osipov will give a MySQL University session on Good Coding Style. Konstantin is the lead of the server runtime environment team, and has been around at MySQL since 2003.

For MySQL University sessions, point your browser to this page. You need a browser with a working Flash plugin. You may register for a Dimdim account, but you don't have to. (Dimdim is the conferencing system we're using for MySQL University sessions. It provides integrated voice streaming, chat, whiteboard, session recording, and more.) All MySQL University sessions are recorded, that is, slides and voice can be viewed as a Flash movie (.flv). You can find those …

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