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Two Extremely Useful Tools (pt-upgrade and checkForServerUpgrade) for MySQL Upgrade Testing

My last blog, Percona Utilities That Make Major MySQL Version Upgrades Easier, detailed the tools available from the Percona toolkit that assists us with major MySQL version upgrades. The pt-upgrade tool aids in testing application queries and generates reports on how each question performs on servers running various versions of MySQL.

MySQL Shell Upgrade Checker is a utility that helps in compatibility tests between MySQL 5.7 instances and MySQL 8.0 upgrades, which is part of the mysql-shell-utilities. The util.checkForServerUpgrade() function checks whether the MySQL 5.7 instance is ready for the MySQL 8.0 upgrade and generates a report with warnings, errors, and notices for preparing the current MySQL 5.7 setup for upgrading to MySQL 8.0.

We can run this Upgrade Checker Utility in the current MySQL 5.7 …

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