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What’s the data on the 3Ci Data Team?

3Ci processes over a billion transactions a month. More than 100 million unique U.S. consumers have engaged with a business through our platform. All that activity creates massive amounts of data. The Data Team at 3Ci is responsible for keeping our offerings running at optimal performance and for making sense of our data. They manage MySQL [...]

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Continuent is hiring - Support and QA engineers wanted
Continuent is hiring. The business is growing, the opportunities are piling up nicely, and we need to beef up the team with the addition of some new professionals.
The mist urgent posts to fill are a
QA Engineer and a Support Engineer, both experts of their specific trades and of database clustering.
We are looking at the matter without borders. Although it would be preferable to find candidates in the US, and in the …
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OSSCube is Looking for a C Developer in Pune

At OSSCube, we are looking for “C” and UNIX Developers for Pune. The desire profile would be required to Designing of the functional document and involved in Coding in C/C++, Shell Script according to the functional document and Testing.

Responsibilities (includes, but not limited to):

  • Handling testing, system integration, debugging & troubleshooting of the application.
  • Ensuring adherence to quality norms across the development & implementation process.
  • Designing of the functional document. C/C++, Shell Script according to the functional document and Testing.
  • Analysis of the specifications provided by the Client
  • Designing of the functional document.


  • 3yrs+ on C and UNIX

Technical Skills:

  • BE/ qualified with 3+ years of relevant …
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OSSCube is Looking for 15 PHP Developers for Mumbai India

OSSCube is seeking candidates who are passionate about Open Source development to join our team of PHP Geeks.  We follow agile and standards based development methodologies and have an informal, friendly environment.  If you are a highly skilled PHPdeveloper and are looking for challenging work, OSSCube is the right company for you. Please send us your resume.

OSSCube is India’s leading Open Source software development company with expertise in outsourced product development. We are dedicated to providing solutions to businesses by leveraging the power of open source software, solutions and technologies. We have partnered with leading technology development companies such as  …

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Open Query is hiring!

Arjen & gang are looking for skilled and enthusiastic colleagues!

  • guru level practical skills in MySQL schema/query design, server administration and tuning;
  • expertise with common dev and deployment infrastructure (mainly Linux but also other *nix and Windows);
  • freedom to travel without restriction;
  • self-motivated, ability to work independently (from anywhere - good Internet access required);
  • excellent written/verbal English, comfortable public speaker.

Being a small, company, the range of possible work tasks can be quite diverse, although you are not required to be able to do everything. That said, your application will be more highly regarded if you exhibit a broad range of skills and interests, both directly technical and otherwise.
Desirable abilities

  • shell and Perl scripting;
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