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Testing a 99.999% Availability Distributed In-Memory Database

MySQL Cluster is an open-source distributed in-memory database. It combines linear scalability with high availability, providing in-memory real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed datasets. It was developed to support scenarios requiring high-availability (99.999% or more) and predictable query time. Testing such a system is achieved via many interconnected pieces ranging from a large set of automated tests and manual exploratory testing. This post explores an overview of the testing methodologies we use and the current challenges we face.

Gaming, banking, telcos, and online services all are powered by fully-redundant and fault-tolerant software systems. At the heart of those systems, you can find MySQL Cluster — a distributed in-memory database having a minimum of five-9s availability (around 5 minutes a year). This open-source database provides nearly-linear …

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Josh Berkus helps clarify clustering

If you haven’t seen it, Josh Berkus has a very concise way to look at the confusing mess that is database “clustering” from the point of view of three distinct types of users: transactional, analytic, and online. I think that using this kind of distinction could help keep discussions clear — I’ve seen a lot of conversations around clustering run off the rails due to disagreements about what clustering means. MySQL Cluster, for example, is a huge red herring for a lot of people, but it seems to be a difficult process to learn it well enough to decide. If we called it a clustering solution for transactional users, but not for analytic or online users, it might help a lot.

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Drupal Devroom Presentation Online

So yesterday I presented my findings on MySQL Cluster (ndbd) and Drupal.

I`ll be writing them out in a more detailed document some day soon ..
But the short summary is that MySQL-Cluster and Drupal are not a good fit.
One has to realise that MySQL cluster isn't always a good solution and that every problem has it's own solutions. The nature of the tables of Drupal means that you need enormous amounts of memory.

I was a bit afraid that the present MySQL crowd woudln't really appreciate my findings, however I was wrong I got some good feedback from the present MySQL crowd , they too seem to want to promote the idea that Cluster is not a fit for every problem, and they were great help in answering some of the audience questions.

The presentation is here …

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The nice folks over in Luxembourg just posted the schedule for their Linuxdays 2008 conference.
I`ll be talking about MySQL High Availability

I was at already 2 years ago and I remember it as a nice an cosy conf with an interesting combo of tutorials and conference talks. If you are in the neigborhood its worth the time.

Oh .. and you can also see Matt in action again :)

Look what the postman brought

The doorbell rang, I was almost to late .. but I still catched the post guy before he left..
He had a package

I knew what was in the package ..

but I was even more surprised when I opened the book..

Thnx a lot folks !!

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