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A backup today saves you tomorrow

Whether you’re working with MySQL, MySQL Cluster, or any other RDBMS, every database with a requirement for persistent data should always have a backup. As a Production DBA you’re the insurance policy to safeguard the data. Bad things do happen. Backups are your safety net to ensure you always have a way to recover should the worst happen and the database becomes irreparable.

There are many ways to produce a consistent backup of MySQL, I have listed a few of the options available below; Remember backups are your safety net, failing to retrieve a consistent backup when you need it most can be a very career limiting move, so no matter what backup method you choose always test your backups!

Logical Backups
The ever popular mysqldump is a backup and export utility provided with the MySQL binaries …

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Progress on High Performance MySQL Backup and Recovery chapter

I wrote a couple weeks ago about my work on the Backup and Recovery chapter for High Performance MySQL, 2nd Edition. Thanks for your comments and suggestions, and thanks to those of you who helped me over email as well.

I've had several questions about what is included in the chapter, so I thought I'd post the outline as it stands now.

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