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MySQL & Friends Community Dinner 2017 – Looking for sponsors

Hi dear MySQL Community,

I would like to start this post by saying thanks to our sponsors:

Unfortunately, we are missing one sponsor and to not increase the ticket price but at the same time keep the level of quality for food then promised and the same diversity for our world famous Belgian beer patrimony, we are still looking for one or two …

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MySQL & Friends Community Dinner 2017

FOSDEM is happening again in Brussels, and as usual, there will there be a MySQL and Friends Devroom. We can’t really imagine having a FOSDEM without having a MySQL and Friends Community Dinner, so here we are again..

Last Details about the Percona Live Amsterdam Community Dinner 2016

Here are the last details about the Percona Live 2016 Community Dinner hosted at

you can still register the menu is below the program of the lightning talks is on Giuseppe blog will also do a short talk.  The subject is a surprise !

If you are coming directly to the dinner (not via boats), please bring your registration ticket (electronic version ok) so you can access

Parallel Replication: Post on Blog, Talk at Percona Live Amsterdam 2016, and more

I have a new blog post on describing MariaDB 10.1 Optimistic Parallel Replication (with benchmark results):

Evaluating MySQL Parallel Replication Part 4: More Benchmarks in Production

If you want to know more about MySQL/MariaDB Parallel Replication and if you are attending 


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MySQL & Friends Community Dinner 2016

FOSDEM is once again descending on the ULB in Brussels, and so again will there be a MySQL and Friends Devroom. Tradition calls for a MySQL and Friends Community Dinner, and we certainly aim not to disappoint this year!


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MySQL & Friends Community Dinner

My dear colleagues,  Liz van DijkDimitri VanoverbekeKenny Gryp, also known as the “Party Team” are organizing the “Fosdem MySQL & Friends Devroom Community Dinner” !

Like last year, we’ll be renting a private space to allow for easy socializing. However, in light of this year’s 20th Anniversary of MySQL in May, as well as MariaDB’s 5th Anniversary in February, we want to take things to the next level, and give the night a true community feel. Our new location is available to us until 2AM, and is part of the ICAB buildings, closer to the ULB (more detailed directions on the eventbrite page).

As such, prepare for an evening of food prepared for the Community, by the Community. That’s right, your hosts will be firing up the …

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Percona Live London is already next Monday!

I’m currently wrapping up last things in the office to be prepared for my presentation about MySQL-Statsd at the Percona Live London conference next week. It will be a revised version of the talk I gave at the Percona Live Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, but this time it will be more focussed to the practical side and, obviously, the MySQL-Statsd daemon we open sourced recently, so if you missed that talk or think a follow up is needed you should definitely attend! Slides will also become immediately available after the talk.

I’m also looing forward to attend a lot of other talks, for instance The Shard Revisited: Tools and Techniques Used at Etsy and …

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