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Innotop: A real-time, advanced investigation tool for MySQL

GUI monitoring tools for MySQL are not always suitable for all our needs or situations. Most of them are designed to provide historical views into what happens to our database over time rather then real-time insight into current MySQL server status. Excellent free tools for this include Cacti, Zabbix, Ganglia, Nagios, etc. But each of them needs to be properly configured to provide details on what is going on in our MySQL instances. And setting up one of these monitoring solutions is neither quick nor trivial (well, maybe with the exception of Ganglia).

MySQL Workbench provides …

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MyTOP Upated

MyTOP is a console-based (non-gui) tool for monitoring the threads and overall performance of a MySQL.

UPDATE – I just fond Jeremy did update MyTOP in 2009 and released it on GitHub.  He fixed the 64x and 5.x bugs. He also incremented the version number to 1.7.  So, I’m bumping my number to 1.8.

Jeremy D. Zawodny <> wrote the original in 2000 and has continued to update it until 2007. The 1.6 version works on MySQL up to version 4.x.

For weeks now and I’m been working on bringing it up to date.  When I started using version 1.6 it worked but didn’t return some data fields.  After …

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MySQL Conference Liveblogging: Monitoring Tools (Wednesday 5:15PM)
  • Tom Hanlon of MySQL presents
  • monitoring tool basics
  • basic tools
    • mysqladmin is provided with the server
      • mysqladmin -i 10 extended status: will repeat the same command every 10 seconds. Pipe through grep "and smoke it" (bad pun, hah hah)
      • -r: show only changed values
    • MySQL Administrator
  • cacti
    • rrdtool based network graphing tool
    • uses snmp
    • PHP apache and MySQL based solution
    • MySQL plugins, download and install
    • "poller" gathers data and populates the graphs
    • someone offers …
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Version 1.5.1 of the innotop MySQL monitor released

This release is part of the unstable 1.5 branch. Its features will ultimately go into the stable 1.6 branch. You can download it from the innotop-devel package.

The major change is a new Command Summary' mode (switch to this mode with the 'C' key) that's similar to mytop's 'c' mode. It shows you the relative size of variables from SHOW STATUS and SHOW VARIABLES.

innotop version 1.4.3 released

Version 1.4.3 of the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor is out. This release fixes some minor bugs and feature annoyances, and at last innotop has thorough documentation, available online!

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