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Moving On

I have a difficult task of making this post interesting, helpful and personal at the same time. I think the main goal is to balance these aspects, and I really appreciate your comments and suggestions that I will add here. For the busy readers who may be put off by the length of this post, here is a very short summary: I spent 4 wonderful years, first as the head of Field Services, then as a CTO, I believe it is now time for a change, so I am leaving SkySQL. I am leaving behind a great company and very good friends, but I am not disappearing completely, and I will continue supporting the work I started and the projects I created with the help of such great people. For many, leaving a company is not easy, and it is extremely difficult if you have contributed to its creation and development since the beginning. Even more difficult is to depart from ideas and projects that you have shaped and …

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Customisable Graphs for MySQL Database Administration in AWS & Dev Release for On-premise Administration Console

2nd release of SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite provides users with customisation capabilities for free cloud database deployments Update release: SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite

SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite is a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment based on MariaDB and 100% compatible with the MySQL database. It includes the following features:

  • An automatic configurator
  • An administrative console with ...
    • A graphical backup and recovery manager
    • The ability to deploy each instance securely within the user’s environment
    • Feature-rich, web-based query tools
    • An advanced monitoring tool
  • A full set of HA solutions (synchronous and asynchronous)

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Meet up SkySQL via LeMUG - MySQL User Group France - le 12 décembre

Une soirée de conférence et networking intitulée: "MySQL, le Cloud et MariaDB" Invitation - Meetup SkySQL

Mercredi 12 décembre 2012 de 19h à 22h30

SkySQL Ab vous invite à une soirée de conférence et networking intitulée :

« MySQL, le Cloud et MariaDB »

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All Your Base belong to … Oxford! MySQL & MariaDB keynote by Monty this Friday

SkySQL’s live in the UK – come and check us out at Oxford University - devfest

There will be a nice contrast in the air as the ancient institution of Oxford University plays home to the latest trends in open source software at the All Your Base conference, taking place at the Said Business School on the 23rd November. And we are prepared to show off our new Cloud and Enterprise products, allowing developers to get hands-on with the solutions.

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Become a MySQL Database Cloud Expert

SkySQL’s Newest Training Course, “MySQL Database for the Cloud”, Helps DBAs and Developers Find Success in the Cloud  

Increasingly, more organisations are moving their database applications to cloud to take advantage of its superior agility and faster deployment over legacy systems.

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SkySQL Cloud Data Suite - Enterprise meets the Cloud

Look! You can see the heart beating!
In case you are wondering, no, nobody in the family is expecting another baby…

I thought I had to start the post with this picture. Today I feel a bit like the day I went to the hospital for a pregnancy scan. As you may expect, seeing the baby moving was incredibly emotional, and I can feel some similar emotions with this announcement.

Many of you already know that today SkySQL has announced and will release the very first version of our very first product, the SkySQL Cloud Data Suite. Before I enter into more details about the product, let me add a couple of points.
First of all, this is still a …

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