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Bring a Laptop to the MySQL Conference

Whether you come to Monday’s Tutorial or the Workbench Workshops on Tuesday-Thursday I strongly recommend you bring a laptop. We’ll be doing a lot of hands-on in both and you’ll be missing out on a lot of the content if you don’t have a copy of MySQL Workbench in front of you (we’ll supply the copy of Workbench, in fact you get the SE edition free for a year just for attending).

You should also act now to register for a Workshop if you haven’t already as Tuesday is already “sold out”. Admission is free but we only have 40 seats in each daily workshop.

For those choosing between tutorial and workshop, I’ll say upfront that we’ll feature the same content in both the …

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Finished Presenting at OSCON

My Normalization session seemed to go well enough.

Video is online at:


Zak Greant is running a free event this year parallell to OSCON that should be very valuable to anyone who is trying to get a start in Open Source or looking to start an Open Source project:

The project is called FOSSCoach and it is the successor to OSCAMP (the
Barcamp-like event that OSCON hosted for the last few years.)

FOSSCoach is focused on teaching people the skills that they need to
participate in (or start) distributed online projects - like PHP or
Wikipedia. Participation is free and people don’t need to be signed up
for OSCON to get in.

The event is meant to provide a way for OSCON to better serve the broad
FOSS community in Portland and surrounding regions.

Details on the event live at in a wiki at:

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Best Swag Ever

Wednesday night I attended a reception hosted by Sun and managed to win myself a Sun Fire X2100 M2 server!

Swag-wise, the conference was an improvement over last year, as judged by Laura Thomson’s T-Shirt index, with around a dozen shirts to be had.

Presentation Now Online

Just a quick note that I have posted the video from my session at this year’s MySQL Conference at: 

MySQL Workbench: The Ultimate Database Design Tool For Developers

Speaker: Mike Zinner

Developed a design tool called DBDesigner4 as his own schema design tool, had 1.5 million downloads. Tool was built on Delphi, became outdated. Project brought him to the attention of MySQL AB, resulted in a job offer.

After signing on he began work on basic MySQL GUI tools such as MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser, Migration Toolkit, and MySQL Windows installer and configuration wizard.

Project existed from DBDesigner, then in 2005 a preview version of Workbench was released. Workbench was re-architected in 2007-2008 and was released in April 2008.

Workbench is a fully featured schema design tool for MySQL developers. Two editions: one open source and one commercial. Commercial version has additional functionality.

Intended for developers, architects, DBAs.

Provides schema design features, schema documentation features, database sync, schema validation, internal …

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Blogging from the 2008 MySQL Conference

I’ll be blogging and posting photos from the 2008 MySQL Conference.

My photos can be seen in a Flickr set at

Watch this space for session notes.

Maybe Next Year

One of these years I will finally get a talk accepted for OScon and actually be able to attend. I always hear good things about the conference and it seems like my company almost has its own track this year.

For those of you who are attending, be sure to attend some of the great talks being delivered by my friends and colleagues:

Improving Performance by Profiling PHP Applications
Next-Gen Interaction with Ajax, Comet, and PHP
Advanced Production Troubleshooting
Scalable Internet Architectures

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Hierarchies Session Completed

My hierarchies session is done. It’s nice to be finished and free to relax.

The materials and video are available at

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It Finally Happened

Back when I first heard that the MySQL source code was being split into Enterprise and Community editions and that the Community edition binaries would be release only every few versions, I knew that there would soon be a project to provide binaries to the community of both editions by a third party.

It didn’t take too long. Here at the conference Solid and Proven Scaling introduced Dorsal Source, a site providing binaries of all community and enterprise releases of MySQL.

The builds are of course unofficial but certainly welcome by those needing a new version that is not being released in binary form by MySQL.

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