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MySQL Storage Engine based on PHP

Sometimes one has weird ideas, or am I the only one? - This specific one is at least a year old, now, during the Christmas days, waiting for New Year's Eve I had the time and mood to finally try it out: MySQL 5.1 has a plugin interface to easily add storage engines. PHP can easily embedded into other applications.  So why not combine these two things? - Writing a MySQL Storage Engine which reads data by calling a PHP script.

Let's start with a simple example first:

<?phpfunction create_table($table, $data) {
    return true;

function open_table($table) {

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Drizzle Cirrus Milestone - Moving Forward

Brian, Monty, Stewart, Lee and myself sat down yesterday and fleshed out the blueprint tasks that we are targeting for the Cirrus milestone. This marks the first time we've made a concerted effort to really determine the tasks which are of essential importance in moving towards Drizzle's first release. Before I detail some of the major tasks, I'd like to make a quick recognition of our contributor community.

Although the MySQL server does have community contributions in some of the releases, the Cirrus milestone marks something of a new day in …

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PBXT moves to Launchpad

It's been a week or 2 and some of you may already have heard that PBXT has moved from Sourceforge to

There are several very good reasons for the move, not the least of which is that MySQL has already moved to Launchpad, and Drizzle is there too. It simply makes sense for a storage engine like PBXT to be on the same platform.

And check this out, Stewart Smith has already ported PBXT to Drizzle. You will find the tree here: PBXT in …

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A Contributor's Guide to and Bazaar Slides

Today at the Riga Sun Database Group Developer Meeting, I'm giving a MySQL University session about using and Bazaar for Contributors. Below, I've posted links to the slides.

A Contributor's Guide to Launchpad and Bazaar   Open Office Impress slides
  PDF slides

Topics included in the slides:

  • Getting started on Launchpad
  • Various features of Launchpad
  • Setting up a Bazaar repository
  • Bazaar Commands
  • Working in a decentralized gatekeeper model
  • Linking to tasks through Launchpad
  • Resolving merge conflicts using Meld
Launchpad improvements

Launchpad, the development framework created by Canonical, is under constant development.
If you have never used it, have a look at Jay's getting started and code management articles about it. If you know it already, you may be pleased to know that Launchpad has a …
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Enabling and Fixing Drizzle Test Cases

When Brian began the work on refactoring the MySQL 6.0 Server source code into what has now become the Drizzle Project, a number of code pieces were removed, including some major MySQL functionality such as stored procedures, server-side prepared statements, SQL Mode, some legacy code, and a variety of data types. The goal, of course, was to reduce the server code base down to a more streamlined and eventually modular kernel.

Of course, that vision is great, but it's got some side effects! One of those side effects is a dramatic reduction in the number of test cases that pass the test suite in their current form, and an increase in the number of tests that have been disabled. I re-enabled and fixed a few tests yesterday, but as of this writing, there are only 54 of 408 tests currently passing in the test suite.

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MySQL and Drizzle Developers: Upgrade to Bazaar 1.6.1 Now

Attention MySQL engineers and Drizzle contributors: upgrade to Bazaar 1.6.1 now to get some fairly massive performance speedups for bzr branch commands. As I noted in my last article on Launchpad code management, Bazaar 1.5 was having some performance issues when branching large project trees such as MySQL. In the article, I showed it was taking Bazaar 1.5 91 minutes to do the initial branch. With John Arbash Meinel's performance patches, the time to branch was cut down to 23 minutes, which is a fantastic improvement.

Ubuntu users: grab the 1.6.1 Bazaar package for your Ubuntu version from the Bazaar Project Package Archive.

Mac OSX users:: grab the disk image here, with …

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Huge Performance Improvement for Bazaar Coming Soon

In writing my last article, I mentioned working with John Arbash Meinel, one of the lead developers of Bazaar, in attempting to diagnose and fix the performance bottlenecks apparent in using Bazaar with larger, history-rich projects like the MySQL Server. Well, after running some tests and building a custom branch of Bazaar that John pointed me to, I am happy to tell you that help is just around the corner. In my last article, you saw that doing a bzr branch lp:mysql-server took 91 minutes. This was a significant barrier to entry, I recognize. So, I think you'll be happy to see the results below, taken yesterday using John's patched-up Bazaar branch:

[529][jpipes@serialcoder: /home/jpipes/repos/mysql-server/5.1]$ time test_bzr …
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A Contributor's Guide to - Part 2 - Code Management

In this second part of my Launchpad guidebook series, I'll be covering the code management and repository features of If you missed the first part of my series, go check it out and get established on Then pop back to this article to dive into the magic of In this article, we'll cover the following aspects of the code management pieces of Launchpad:

  • The Structure of Project Source Code on
  • Pulling Code into a Local Repository
  • Creating a Local Working Branch for Bug Fixing
  • Pushing Code to Launchpad
  • Notifying a Merge Captain of Your Code Pushes
  • Keeping Trunk Up To Date
  • Merging Local Code with a Trunk …
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A Contributor's Guide to - Part 1 - Getting Started

This post is the first in a series of articles which serves to highlight the services of the Launchpad platform which hosts the MySQL Server, MySQL Forge, MySQL Sandbox and Drizzle Server projects. I will be walking you through the various pieces of the platform and provide examples of using each of the services. I will cover in depth the source code management services which all three projects now rely upon. The code management services are the critical piece of the development platform. In addition, I will show you how to use the Blueprints, Bugs, Answers and Translations services that many MySQL ecosystem projects, including the MySQL Sandbox and …

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