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QA-Testing Definitions-Interview Questions: Part-II

QA-Testing Definitions-Interview Questions: II (F – S): Data Dictionary: A database that contains definitions of all data items defined during analysis. Data Flow Diagram: A modeling notation that represents a functional decomposition of a system. Data Driven Testing: Testing in which the action of a test case is parameterized by externally defined data values, maintained […]

Stored procedure to add-remove prefix by rename table mysql

Here is one more procedure – (this time) for mass renaming of table. Adding and Removing table-name prefixes 🙂 A friend of mine was renaming 100+ tables by using replace methods in notepad. I showed em a bit better editor: Editplus and then I thought of rescue rest of those who are still interested in […]

Oracle query-eliminate duplicate but one using rowid

Yesterday a friend came across an oracle query problem: Consider below table: cid cname.... cdata 1 x xxxx 1 x xxxx .. 2 xzzz fjnd 3 a evddd Now the problem was cid is repeated and cdata column is having some extra characters but data is considered same (eg. xxxx & xxxx..). so when he […]

Petition – Help saving MySQL – II

And I looked back and thought of updating this post… Recently Monty has posted again and I completely convinced with whatever Monty has conveyed now or earlier. The explainations he has provided under self-interview, I find sensible enough. I did participated the help-saving-mysql campaign and I’m happy knowing the statistics. I did got convinced about the possible threat about […]

MySQL Memory Usage Limits on 32 bit Linux

I’m having RHEL 5 (32-bit) and MySQL-5. I was trying to check how much is the Memory Utilization limits for MySQL 5 on 32bit OS. We can easily calculate the maximum capacity of the address space is 2^32 bytes and that is where these limits come from. * For MYSQL 5.0: Following are memory (storage) […]

MySQL Certification Free Retake: Get TWO chances to get MySQL Certified

Recently MySQL has offered MySQL Certification Free Retake on both DBA or Developer Certifications for a limited time. For MySQL Certifications: 1. MySQL 5.0 Data Base Administrator Certification (SCMDBA) – MySQL 5.0 DBA Part I Certification (CX-310-810) – MySQL 5.0 DBA Part II Certification (CX-310-811) 2. MySQL 5.0 Developer Certification (SCMDEV) – MySQL 5.0 Developer […]

Monty: Help Saving MySQL – The Oracle & EC

And I looked back and thought of updating this post… We all are aware about the acquisition happened to MySQL; Sun and now Oracle. A common understanding tells me that a business will always seek profit; so will Oracle. And thats where worries and fear for existance of MySQL as an open-source and future growth […]

Stored procedure to Find database objects

This procedure lists available database objects under passed database name. It lists present Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers under particular database. It also lists storage engine of tables. It uses information schema database to gather information and storing in a temporary table. Usage: call xplore(database-name); – Procedure will search through information schema for […]

MySQL master master replication monitor with php code

For monitoring replication we know a lot of tools and codes – but this one is different because I wrote it 😉 Well this is fairly simple php code for monitoring a master master replication setup. It requires a single shared login id available on both MySQL servers. It will display in tabular format following […]

Replication slave lag monitoring using heartbeat and windows batch scripts

“Show Slave Status” command has a last column “Seconds_Behind_Master”, which gives us idea about how much time slave is lagging behind master. It is an important to be considered parameter in monitoring and maintaining replication. This article explains us a way to monitor replication slave lag time. It also includes a sample batch scripts to […]

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