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Improved Cacti monitoring templates for MySQL

Download MySQL Cacti templates

As promised, I’ve created some improved software for monitoring MySQL via Cacti. I began using the de facto MySQL Cacti templates a while ago, but found some things I needed to improve about them. As time passed, I rewrote everything from scratch. The resulting templates are much improved.

You can grab the templates by browsing the source repository on the project’s homepage.

In no particular order, here are some things I improved:

  • Standard polling interval and graph size by default.
  • Full captions on every graph; you don’t have to guess at how big the values are. Each graph has current, max, and average values printed at the bottom for every value on …
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Introducing MySQL Parallel Restore

The new release of MySQL Toolkit (version 1051) updates MySQL Parallel Dump in minor ways, but more importantly, it adds MySQL Parallel Restore. Read on for details.

How to check and optimize MySQL tables in parallel

I wanted to point out something that might not be obvious from the name: MySQL Parallel Dump can be used as a generic wrapper to discover tables and databases, and fork off worker processes to do something to them in parallel. That "something" can easily be invoking mysqlcheck -- or any other program. This makes it really easy for you to do multi-threaded whatever-you-need-to-do on MySQL tables. Here's how.

Introducing MySQL Slave Delay

MySQL Slave Delay implements an oft-requested replication feature: the ability to make a slave lag its master, a.k.a scheduling binlog events for some time in the future. This will probably be built into MySQL replication someday, but in the meantime, you can use this tool. A delayed slave is great if disaster strikes and propagates through replication, because it lets you stop the delayed slave before it gets corrupted, restart the slave until just before the offending statement, and recover quickly. This is a lot faster than restoring last night's full backup and replaying a day's worth of binary logs on the master.

A review of MONyog

This is a review of Webyog's MONyog MySQL monitoring tool. The product is still in beta and has some rough edges, but holds promise. Its design includes some interesting architectural decisions I think will help distinguish it from MySQL's own Monitoring and Advisory Service.

MySQL Table Sync 0.9.3 released

This release of MySQL Table Sync adds the ability to sync only part of a table, adds minor new functionality, and fixes a bug that could crash the tool.

MySQL Find 0.9.0 released

If you've used the UNIX find command for more than a trivial find-and-print, you know how powerful it is; it's almost a miniature programming environment to find and manipulate files and directories. What if you could do the same thing with MySQL tables and databases? That was the inspiration for writing this tool. I was about to write several other tools to do some MySQL administrative jobs when I realized I could generalize and make something much more useful and powerful.

MySQL Table Checksum 1.1.0 released

MySQL Table Checksum 1.1.0 adds many improvements, but the most important is a new way to ensure slaves have the same data as their master. Instead of checksumming the slave and the master, it can now insert the checksum results directly on the master via an INSERT.. SELECT statement. This statement will replicate to the slave, where a simple query can find tables that differ from the master. This makes a consistent, lock-free checksum trivially easy.

There are also many other feature improvements and bug fixes, compatibility with MySQL 3.23.2 through 6.0-alpha, and finally I've gotten the documentation finished to my satisfaction.

innotop 1.4.2 released

This release of the innotop MySQL and InnoDB monitor is a major upgrade in terms of functionality, code quality, and interface consistency. It is the result of me working for over a month to get innotop into shape for the recent MySQL Conference and Expo. This article is a summary of the changes and a look at what's coming next.

MySQL Table Sync 0.9.2 released

MySQL Table Sync 0.9.2 is a bug-fix release. Since the last release users have reported several bugs. I am still postponing new features until after the MySQL Conference and Expo, because I am focusing on the innotop session I'll be presenting at the conference.

I have also created a new mailing list on sourceforge for discussing all things MySQL Toolkit.

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