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MySQL Toolkit version 1254 released

This release fixes several bugs introduced in the last release as I replaced untested code with tested code -- how ironic! Actually, I knew that was virtually guaranteed to happen. Anyway, all the bugs you've helped me find are now fixed. I also fixed a long-standing bug in MySQL Table Sync, which I am otherwise trying to touch as little as possible for the time being. (Remember to contribute to the bounty, and get your employer to contribute as well, so I can do some real work on it in the next month or so!)

The other big news is that the parallel dump and restore tools are now 1.0.0 because I consider them feature-complete. I have put the most work into tab-separated dumps. These two tools can do something MySQL AB's tools can't currently do: restore data before creating triggers (when doing tab-delimited dumps). That's an obvious …

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Introducing MySQL Parallel Restore

The new release of MySQL Toolkit (version 1051) updates MySQL Parallel Dump in minor ways, but more importantly, it adds MySQL Parallel Restore. Read on for details.

MySQL Toolkit version 1030 released

This release of MySQL Toolkit updates MySQL Parallel Dump. Together you and I found a few bugs in it (table locking, argument quoting, exit status code). The restore utility is in progress.

MySQL Toolkit version 1011 released

MySQL Toolkit version numbers are based on Subversion revision number. This release is the first past the 1,000-commit milestone. It also marks several days of being in Sourceforge's top 100 most active projects. It has been in the top 300 for a couple of months, and the top 1000 for, um, a long time. While I would hasten to say I'm not a popularity-contest-focused person, it's rewarding to see that people think this project is important and useful.

This release of MySQL Toolkit updates MySQL Parallel Dump. I had been using it on a relatively small server; yesterday I took a deep breath and started using it to generate backups from a large server with lots of data and lots of queries. Of course I found a couple bugs and decided I needed more functionality and error handling. The major new functionality is for efficiency; it defers locking as late as possible and releases locks as soon as possible, and with the --setperdb option …

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MySQL Toolkit version 989 released

MySQL Parallel Dump can now dump a single table simultaneously into many files of a user-specifed size. This not only helps speed dumps, but it paves the way for much more efficient parallel restores. Read on for the details.

MySQL Toolkit version 946 released

This release of MySQL Toolkit adds a new parallel dump tool for multi-threaded backups, fixes some minor bugs, and adds new functionality to one of the helper scripts.

Introducing MySQL Parallel Dump

A while ago Peter Zaitsev wrote about his wishes for mysqldump. These included multi-threaded dumps and "safe" dumps that would wait for a server to restart if it crashed, then keep dumping other tables. I've had sketches of this done for a while, but during this week I fleshed it out while writing about backup and recovery for our upcoming book.

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