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MySQL vs. SQL Server

A new company often means new responsibilities and learning new ways of doing things. For a tech guy, it often means picking up a new framework or maybe if you are a glutton for punishment, a new language. I recently switched OSes, languages, and databases as a DBA/DB Developer. This was quite a massive shift for me. I went from the stable, enterprise database, SQL Server, to the little engine that could, MySQL. Before the switch, I would stew over the fact that SQL Server lacked features in comparison to Oracle or Postgres, but now I realize that there are far better things to worry about (such as non-blocking backups). I just wanted to go over some of the differences I found.

  1. MySQL is a collection of binaries that manipulate data files. It is not a monolithic application that persists its data to disk, but instead it allows another process to manipulate its files even while it’s running. It interprets a folder in its data directory …
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Living With Linux

I learned how to use a computer on DOS and Windows. My first programming projects were written in QBASIC and my first Web applications were written in VB using ASP on Windows 2000. The first job where I made decent money was developing a SQL Server-based application. I bought my first car, an engagement ring, and a honeymoon with money from making software on Windows. Needless to say, I found a lot of intellectual and financial fulfillment from Windows over the years.

That first real job also allowed me flexibility in what technology I could employ, and I helped implement a features using Redis on top of Ubuntu. This was a fun time, because my company basically paid me to study a new technology and to gain experience using it. On my own, I began to use Linux and to embrace open-source ideas, one of which is that the consumer is also the producer. I changed my mindset about what it means to use software: for open-source projects, it often …

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Log Buffer #276, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Sharing knowledge is not only beneficial to others, it also enhances one’s own knowledge and broadens the spectrum. Blogging is all about sharing and this Log Buffer Edition shares some great sharing of our bloggers around the database arena in Log Buffer #276. Oracle: Sometimes it is possible to build a very effective test case [...]

Log Buffer #275, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

With the rapid advancement in the database technologies, the legacy systems are either being upgraded or they are being replaced or in some cases technologists are finding ways to support them in new ways showing us the flexible nature of databases and the belief of professionals that the sky is the limit. For this Log [...]

Log Buffer #274, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Technical blogging has become more than just a way to tell the world what the technologist did. It has become a vibrant medium through which the tech bloggers are sharing their experiences and teaching the interested audience. It has become an enabling technology. This Log Buffer Edition encompasses such vibrant blogs in Log Buffer #274. [...]

Log Buffer #273, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Glamour from across the world is sparkling in the South of France, but even that has failed to eclipsed the vivid aura of the database blogs from the realms of Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. This Log Buffer Edition in Log Buffer #273 covers this glamorous gala of innovation. Oracle: Jonathan Lewis blogs about subquery [...]

Database is in Transition. try the statement later: SQL Server


I was trying to take the database offline to perform some maintenance on one of our QA server.

We have got a strange error "Database is in Transition. try the statement later Error 952"

Even i was not able to run the sp_who and sp_who2 also as it was also giving the same error.

Resolution:  What i have tried?

I closed the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and restarted it again.

Then to confirm and check for any blocking query, i ran sp_who and sp_who2 and it ran successfully.

 Then to make Database offline/online i have used the below command and it worked like a charm :)

USE master



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Log Buffer #272, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

It is evident and beyond doubt now that the new media technologies like Twitter and Facebook are not going to wipe-out the blogs, rather they are complimenting each other very nicely and it seems they were made for each other. This Log Buffer Edition enhances this match, and presents you Log Buffer #272. Oracle: It [...]

Log Buffer #271, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

They say, “April showers bring May flowers.”  They basically say that nature brings different things in different colors aimed at improving the things. That is so true for the blogging world too. This Log Buffer Edition also brings out different blog posts to improve things, so enjoy the Log Buffer #271. Oracle: One of world’s [...]

Hardware Components Failures – Survey Results

When preparing for the the IOUG Collaborate 12 deep dive on deploying Oracle Databases for high Availability, I wanted to provide some feedback on what hardware components are failing most frequently and which ones are less frequently. I believe I have reasonably good idea about that but I thought that providing some more objective data would be better. I couldn’t find and results of a more scientific research so I decided to organize a poll. This blog post shows the results and I promised to share it with several groups.

The results are also in the presentation material but it might be hidden deep into 100+ slides so here is the dedicated blog with some comments on the …

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