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How to Create a Many-to-Many Relationship

Establishing a many-to-many relationship between the tables in a database is usually done for ensuring efficient data processing and data integrity, as well as for database normalization and data analysis tasks. Since relational databases don’t allow implementing a direct many-to-many relationship between two tables, handling that kind of relationship can be an intimidating task. In […]

Adapting Diagram File to Another Database

Some of our users have faced the situation when they need to change the connection details of the existing Database Diagram file. Let’s assume the situation when you have several databases with identical schemas which are only located on different MySQL servers and you have created a database model that was saved in a Database [...]

How To: Create a Database Diagram Using a Sketch Image

Often we make some sketches of the database we plan to create on a blackboard or a sheet of paper before we actually design its structure on computer. After that we discuss the entities we’ve got, normalize them and repeat these actions several times. As a result we get a completely approved database structure in the form of an image file in the project documentation.

How to create a database diagram basing on the image available?

Let’s try to do this using Database Designer of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Let us suppose that you have a sketch of the future database:

Database Structure

To place this picture onto an empty diagram you should create an empty document, for …

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Quick start in database development with Sakila database project

The Sakila project was designed to demonstrate all cutting-edge capabilities of dbForge Studio for MySQL such as Database Projects, Database Diagram, Data Reports, Pivot Grid, Visual Query Builder, Code Refactoring, Database Comparison and Synchronization, and also to let a user get acquainted with the mentioned functionality quickly and easily with the help of the prepared examples.

First of all, you should have MySQL server version 5.1 installed locally (localhost).
Then launch dbForge Studio for MySQL, open Start Page and click Sakila in the Recent Projects section (or open the Sakila project from the File -> Recent Projects -> Sakila.mydev menu).

Open Sakila …

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How to: Create MySQL Database in One Shot

This article gives a step-by-step instruction for visual database creation.
There is a lot of instruments that allow database developers avoid monotonous and error prone manual writing of scripts for tables creation. But to have a complete picture while creating a database it’s necessary not only to speed up the process of database objects creation, but also to visualize relations between them. dbForge Studio for MySQL offers a perfect tool for such purpose – Database Designer.

Let’s create the sample demobase database visually.


Create a database that would contain information about the salary of employees of different company departments.

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