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How To: Create a Database Diagram Using a Sketch Image

Often we make some sketches of the database we plan to create on a blackboard or a sheet of paper before we actually design its structure on computer. After that we discuss the entities we’ve got, normalize them and repeat these actions several times. As a result we get a completely approved database structure in the form of an image file in the project documentation.

How to create a database diagram basing on the image available?

Let’s try to do this using Database Designer of dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Let us suppose that you have a sketch of the future database:

Database Structure

To place this picture onto an empty diagram you should create an empty document, for …

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How to: Create MySQL Database in One Shot

This article gives a step-by-step instruction for visual database creation.
There is a lot of instruments that allow database developers avoid monotonous and error prone manual writing of scripts for tables creation. But to have a complete picture while creating a database it’s necessary not only to speed up the process of database objects creation, but also to visualize relations between them. dbForge Studio for MySQL offers a perfect tool for such purpose – Database Designer.

Let’s create the sample demobase database visually.


Create a database that would contain information about the salary of employees of different company departments.

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