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The State of Open Source Databases: OpenSQL Camp Keynote Featuring Brian Aker

Brian Aker delivers the keynote speech at OpenSQL Camp: State of the Open Source Databases. The presentation begins with a disclaimer:
“There is no way I’m going to tell you exactly where the future of databases go. We have way too many egos in the room to ever even begin a discussion…”
and ends with Aker saying,
“What the hell does that mean?”

View the video online at
or download the 42.6 MB Flash video file (.flv) directly at

My summary: …

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Liveblogging Larry Ellison’s Keynote

I’ll be liveblogging the keynote here along with Marc Fielding, Christo Kutrovsky, Darrin Leboeuf and Luke Davies and Martin Wisniewski.

First observation: I can not believe I can not make this video full screen.

Even Pythian’s flash video player can go full screen.

Introduction time. Safra Katz.

Confirming HP is here as part of the announcement.

So presentation from HP is here first. Weird. Maybe this is a megabucks commercial keynote. Introducting Exec VP Anne Livermore.

“Very very very very very important event for HP. 100000 joint customers.”

Show of hands for HP adoption. A bit lame, she seems disappointed with how many hands are raised. :-)

The video stream is super saturated, the video is super skippy. Hopefully I can understand what’s going on well enough to do this liveblog.

So far it’s completely a vendor advertisement keynote.

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Video: Who is the Dick on My Site Keynote

I have already blogged about this keynote at

If you are interested in actually seeing the video, the 286 Mb .wmv file can be downloaded at and played through your browser by clicking the “play” link at This is not to be missed!

Jonathan Schwartz?s Keynote at the 2008 MySQL Conference

Jonathan Schwartz’s Keynote at the 2008 MySQL Conference can be played directly in your browser or you can download the 147MB .wmv file. (Please do not download the movie on the conference wireless system!)

I finally realized who Jonathan Schwartz reminds me of:

That’s right, comedian and magician Penn Jillette.

Schwartz started by saying, “enough of this free software stuff!” It got lots of laughs. He started to talk about Sun’s agenda, and mentioned that MySQL and Sun had similar values, as well as similar dysfunctions as well — particularly that each engineer has his/her own opinion.

But Schwartz goes on in earnest to say “The …

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MySQL Conference 2008

April 14-17th is going to be an exciting time. Why? Because the 2008 MySQL Conference and Expo is going to be held in Santa Clara, CA. Who would want to miss out on a chance to lurk around, let alone talk to, some of the smartest people in the MySQL world? Well, those who don't have at least $1000+, of course. A 3 day pass to the conference without tutorials costs a whopping $1199. A full pass would dry up your pockets $1499.

Well, "good news everyone". Thanks to Sheeri Cabral of The Pythian Group,, Jeremy, and, …

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