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Hadoop BoF Session at OSCON
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I have a BoF session next week at OSCON next week:

Migrating Data from MySQL and Oracle into Hadoop

The session is at 7pm Tuesday night – look for rooms D135 and/or D137/138.

Correction: We are now in  E144 on Tuesday with the Hadoop get together first at 7pm, and the Data Migration to follow at 8pm.

I’m actually going to be joined by Gwen Shapira from Cloudera, who has a BoF session on Hadoop next door at the same time, along with Eric Herman from Booking.com. We’ll use the opportunity to talk all things Hadoop, but particularly the ingestion of data from MySQL and other databases into the Hadoop datastore.

As always, it’d be great to meet anybody interested in Hadoop at the BoF, please come along and

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OSCON2013: Slides and files for High Availability in MySQL tutorial
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Good afternoon Oscon attendees - in particular attendees of my High Availability in MySQL tutorial!

Attached you can find a spreadsheet (both LibreOffice, Excel) that we will use at the end of the tutorial. You can also download the slides, in case you wish to browse them at your own pace.

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At OSCON, if you’re into the MySQL world, the day to be paying attention to BoFs is clearly Wednesday, 24 July 2013. We have a MariaDB BoF at D136 at 8pm-9pm, but before that you might be at the MySQL BoF in the same room, or you might be in Peter Zaitsev’s BoF on MySQL, NoSQL, Big Data – Better Together in E141. So figure out how to split yourself at 7-8pm, and once you’re done, come from 8-9pm at D136 on Wednesday and join the MariaDB crew at OSCON!

We’ll also be at the SkySQL booth, so come by Booth 815 and get some free t-shirts, stickers, or support the MariaDB community by being a foundation donor.

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MySQL Community BOF at OSCON

Moderated by: Dave Stokes
7:00pm Wednesday, 07/24/2013
Location: D136

There will be a Birds Of a Feather seesion for all interested in MySQL, the MySQL Community, and all the surrounding technology that relies on MySQL. Lets talk about the current and future of MySQL — where you think it should be heading — and network with others. All levels of audience experience are welcome.

[Plus] readers choice 2012 : It’s time to vote!
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Oh yes, 2012 was an incredible year for the MySQL Community!
That’s why I would like to change the rules this year and I would like to offer you a new survey for this [Plus] reader’s choice 2012.

Community users, bloggers and events made the whole community last year, tell us how you used this community?
It will only take 5 minutes of your precious time, votes will be closed Jan. 31.

Vote for what you used! (with your heart, again…)

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit

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Proud and Excited To Be Part of the MySQL Open Source Community
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Over the past few weeks since joining SkySQL as CEO, I have been meeting with team members to learn more about each person's views on the company, our customers and the industry. The team has done an amazing job since this company of original MySQLers re-emerged onto the scene more than a year and a half ago. We now have over 300 customers globally with very high satisfaction on the quality of services provided. July has for me been all about understanding the unique company culture and heritage from MySQL, and how we as a team can capitalize on our strengths to solve the challenges that our customers face while increasing the attractiveness of the MySQL ecosystem and community.

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A Few Thoughts on OSCon and the Open Source Community
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This past week I attended OSCon, the annual conference for open source’s true believers. And there was a religious fervor in the air, particularly from the point of view of someone more accustomed to Oracle conferences.

And if open source is the religion, proprietary closed-source companies are the devil. That having been said, I was surprised how virtually all large companies were demonized. Even long-time defenders of open source like IBM were ignored at best. That didn’t prevent them from coming though, with Microsoft and HP in particular with high-profile sponsorships and PR offensives that didn’t seem to have much influence with the crowd.

The companies generating buzz were the small companies built around development of their own open source products. There are a surprising number of them out

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My Talks at the MySQL conference 2012
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I was honored to get two talks accepted at the MySQL conference this year, but interestingly both of them are actually only indirectly about MySQL.  

The first is called "Writing non-blocking code for interaction with data systems and web services in Node.js and Perl".  This sounds fancier than it is, I picked up some non-blocking programming in Perl and a bit of Node.js (which, strangely, is pretty straightforward once you write some Perl AnyEvent) my last year or so at Yahoo.  This talk really is just meant to be a gentle introduction to what this type of coding is, how it works, and some of the things you can do with it.  My goal is to present something I could have used when I

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More New MySQL 5.6 Early Access Features
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Last week was a banner week for MySQL at OSCON. We had many MySQL developers meeting with the MySQL community, conducting technical sessions, leading BOF sessions, working the exhibit hall, and confirming Oracle's leadership in the technical evolution of MySQL.  The highlight of the week was the unveiling of even more 5.6 early access InnoDB and Replication features that are now available for early adopters to download, evaluate and shape via labs.mysql.com.  

InnoDB is one of MySQL's "crown jewels" and beginning in 5.5 is now the default storage engine.  The following 5.6 feature improvements are in direct response to community and customer feedback and requests.  The new 5.6 early access features include:

  • Full-text search
  • REDO log files max size extended to

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MariaDB is at OSCON
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The MariaDB Project is at OSCON 2011. We’ve got a booth, and we plan to also have a BoF session: Wednesday 27 July 2011 at room E142 at 8pm.

There will as usual be lots of black vodka (there was some yesterday at the MySQL BoF as well), and we’re going to talk about and celebrate the release of MariaDB 5.3.0 beta.

Come drop by the booth… we clearly have an interesting booth giveaway. And feel free to say hi to Kurt von Finck, Michael “Monty” Widenius, or Colin Charles who will be present, walking around, etc. Spot them in a MariaDB t-shirt of course!

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Back in February I wrote an article titled A Small Fix For mysql-agent. Since then we did a few more fixes to the agent and included a Bytes Behind Master (or BBM) chart. For those who can't wait to get their hands on the code, here's the current version: MySQL SNMP agent RPM. For those who'd like to learn about it's capabilities and issues, keep reading.

What to Expect From this Version

The article I quoted above pretty much describes the main differences with the original project, but we went further with the changes while still relying on Masterzen's code for the data collection piece.

The first big change is that we transformed

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OSCON 2011
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This year I'll attend OSCON for the first time. I'll give two talks:

  • PHP and MySQL - Recent Developments
    PHP’s MySQL support recently received many changes under the hood. PHP 5.3 introduced mysqlnd – the MySQL native driver which is a replacement for libmysql deeply bound into PHP. In this presentation you will learn what the PHP and MySQL development teams were up to. After starting with an introduction of the PHP-stack, demystifying things like mysqli, mysqlnd or PDO, this presentation will show you how to build mysqlnd plugins as PHP C extension and hooking into mysqlnd from PHP userland. It will also discuss existing plugins like a client side query cache or a module for doing read-write-splitting, both working transparently, without changes to your application.

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Speaking at OSCON
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OSCON is coming up again: July 25th-29th in wonderful Portland, OR. If you come to OSCON, not only will you be at OSCON, but you’ll be in Portland in July – which is just lovely. We’ll also have other people from Percona there and it should be a great lot of fun.

So come along and talk interesting technology – I’ll be speaking on “Dropping ACID: Eating Data in a Web 2.0 Cloud World“. If you know my love of reliable software with known failure modes, you’ll probably enjoy this one – especially if you saw my “Eat My Data: How everybody gets POSIX file I/O Wrong” which when given at

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MariaDB 5.1.55 released and a short newsletter update
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Trying a new format… Are you subscribed to the announce mailing list? The following is straight from the archives.


  • Release of MariaDB 5.1.55
  • Meeting in Lisbon
  • Call for volunteers for booth duty


  • DrupalCon Chicago
  • Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco


MariaDB 5.1.55 Released

Dear MariaDB users,

The development team have been busy and are ready to release MariaDB

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HOWTO screw up launching a free software project
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Josh Berkus gave a great talk at linux.conf.au 2010 (the CFP for linux.conf.au 2011 is open until August 7th) entitled “How to destroy your community” (lwn coverage). It was a simple, patented, 10 step program, finely homed over time to have maximum effect. Each step is simple and we can all name a dozen companies that have done at least three of them.

Simon Phipps this past week at OSCON talked about Open Source Continuity in practice – specifically mentioning some open source software projects that were at Sun but have since been abandoned by Oracle and different strategies

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VistA scenarios, and other controversies at the Open Source health care track
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The history and accomplishments attributed to VistA, the Veterans
Administration's core administrative software, mark it as one of the
most impressive software projects in history. Still, lots of smart
people in the health care field deprecate VistA and cast doubt that it
could ever be widely adopted. Having spent some time with people on
both sides, I'll look at their arguments in this blog, and then
summarize other talks I heard today at the href="http://www.oscon.com/oscon2010">Open Source Convention
health care track.

Yesterday, as href="http://radar.oreilly.com/2010/07/day-one-of-the-health-care-it.html">I
described in my previous blog
, we heard an overview of trends in
health care and its open source side in particular. Two open source

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I’m at OSCON this week. Come say hi and talk Drizzle, Rackspace, cloud, photography, vegan food or brewing.

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MariaDB at OSCON 2010
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We’re at OSCON and today has been fabulous – I’ve just been connecting with old friends, and making new friends, and all this is what makes the travel experience completely worthwhile. If you’re at OSCON, why not come to a couple of BoF’s:

  • MariaDB: The Community Fork of MySQL at 8pm on Monday 19/07/2010. Great for a general overview of MariaDB, for beginners to the advanced folk to come to.
  • MariaDB: Features In-depth at 9pm on Wednesday 21/07/2010. Great if you’re a more intermediate to advanced user of MySQL/MariaDB and want to know more about the additional features MariaDB has to offer, and what else it might offer in the near
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    Speaking in the US - San Francisco User Group - Community Summit - OSCON
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    On July 15th and 16th I will be in San Francisco for a few meetings, and it will be my pleasure to meet the San Francisco MySQL User Group, where I will talk about MySQL Sandbox.
    From there, I will continue to Portland, to attend the Community Leadership Forum and, of course OSCON, where I will have three talks: two in the main event, and one at the Intel booth.
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    Upcoming speaking engagements: Grazer Linuxtage and amoocon
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    As I already wrote, I will be speaking at the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara in two weeks and I am excited to be there again. This year's conference is going to be interesting for a number of reasons, but most importantly I think that the schedule looks great! This is going to be a "drinking from the firehose of MySQL knowledge" event. Afterwards, I'll be on parental leave in May and June, so I likely will miss a lot of great conferences – these months are usually quite packed, as our Open Source Events Calendar can confirm. I just

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    A Remote-Attendee’s Look at OSCON
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    Another year and another successful OSCON has been concluded. While I didn’t attend this year’s conference, let me hereby offer some reflections — basing it on reading blogs and talking to attendees both in person and over Twitter (I’m glad to see both the @MySQL and @MySQL_Community Twitter accounts have a large and quickly growing list of followers).

    Let me start by highlighting the

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    Getting started with Gearman
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    Gearman is an open source generic framework for distributed processing. At OSCON 2009 I attended the Gearman: Build Your Own Distributed Platform in 3 Hours tutorial.

    While it’s very easy to install Gearman, and follow the first example, if you missed the all important additional PHP steps listed on just one slide you may be left with the “‘Class ‘GearmanClient’ not found” error.

    The following are detailed instructions for the installation and configuration of Gearman and PHP on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.

    Add the Drizzle PPA to get pre-packaged versions of Gearman.

    cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.orig
    echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/drizzle-developers/ppa/ubuntu intrepid main
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    OSCON: The saga of MySQL
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    At OSCON in 2006, I followed sessions that discussed how open source companies would fare when big corporations come in. Back then there were only a handful of examples of big companies purchasing small open source companies. Three years later, we've witnessed MySQL AB get swallowed by Sun, only to have Sun be swallowed by Oracle. Now there are more open questions than ever and at least three versions of MySQL that are jockeying to continue the MySQL blood-line. Yesterday I attended talks by two of these groups and I have to wonder how the MySQL game will play itself out over time.

    The first talk I attended was: "Drizzle: Status, Principles, and Ecosystem" where a number of

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    MariaDB, ODBA and MP at #OSCon
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    We've been mingling here for 4 days already, but today the official part of OSCon kicks off. At Monty Program we've been a bit late in preparing for this conference - busy getting started with the company and everything. But even if we were a bit late, we succeeded in lining up a good set of sessions.

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    OScon so far
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    Sunday morning, in the wee hours of the morning, while packing, I discovered that I didn't know where either my DL or my Passport is. After spending an hour searching, I gave up, and decided to throw myself on the mercy of the TSA. Which I did at the airport. The TSA supervisor checked my credit cards, FlyClear card, corporate ID card, and CostCo card, and then stamped my boarding pass. I only need to do this 3 more times on this trip, and then do a very deep search of my room when I get back.

    After I landed at SJC, I discovered that Tim Lord has shared the flight with me. If I had known that ahead of time, I would have let him share my taxi ride from Capitol Hill neighborhood to the SEA airport. As it was, I let him share my ride to San Jose Convention Center. I was actually too early to check into my hotel room. So instead I checked in my luggage, and then went off to find the

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    OSCON Tutorial - Scaling a web application (mostly PHP/MySQL)
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    A quick blog post from the OSCON floor where I just finished a 3.5 hour tutorial on "Scaling a Web Application (mostly PHP/MySQL)". To be honest I submitted this talk as a 45 min talk and clicked the wrong button and ended up being handed a tutorial which I think turned out to be a good thing. After all, we could spend days and years talking about scaling.

    One of my goals in this presentation wasn't just to talk about tips and examples, but also talk about the general business of scaling and creating scaling plans, scenario planning or capacity planning. This I believe is almost always more important than coming up with the small tips that fix a site when you have a problem!

    Thanks to Ronald Bradford for showing up for the last hour of the presentation and helping out, it's good to have help and from a knowledgeable

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    How NPR is Embracing Open Source and Open APIs
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    News providers, like most content providers, are interested in having their content seen by as many people as possible. But unlike many news organizations, whose primary concern may be monetizing their content, National Public Radio is interested in turning it into a resource for people to use in new and novel ways as well. Daniel Jacobson is in charge making that content available to developers and end users in a wide variety of formats, and has been doing so using an Open API that NPR developed specifically for that purpose. Daniel will talk about how the project is going at OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Here's a preview of what he'll be talking about.


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    Open Source is Infiltrating the Enterprise
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    There's a persistent perception that open source software is being ignored in the enterprise, that IT management fears it and it ends up being more costly to deploy than proprietary solutions. That's certainly the perception that some major software vendors would like you to have. But it's Jeffrey Hammond's job to dispel those perceptions, at least when they aren't accurate. As an analyst for Forrester Research, Hammond covers the world of software development as well as Web 2.0 and rich internet applications, so he sees how open source is being used on a daily basis. He'll be speaking at OSCON, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, talking about the true cost of using open source, and he gave us a sample of what's going on in the enterprise at the moment.

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    Log Buffer #150
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    This is the 150th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs. Someone accidentally left Dave Edwards‘ cage unlocked, and he escaped, thus leaving me with the pleasurable duty of compiling the 150th weekly Log Buffer.

    Many people other than Dave are finding release this week. Giuseppe Maxia explains some details of MySQL’s New Release Model. Andrew Morgan announces a New MySQL Cluster Maintenance Release. Aleksandr Kuzminsky of the MySQL Performance Blog releases

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    OSCON moves to San Jose - or - I will miss Portland
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    I have had the privilege to go to the O'Reilly Open Source Convention 4 of the past 5 years.  During that time, it has been held in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  Well, the OSCON 2009 web site is up and they are moving it to San Jose, CA.  I have never been to the San Jose Convention Center.  The pictures look nice.  I have only been to San Jose at all to get off a plane and go to the Santa Clara Convention Center.  I hope San Jose has more to offer than Santa Clara.  The Santa Clara Convention Center is  [Read more...]
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