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Short talk on MariaDB at Linuxtag 2011
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If you happen to be around at this years LinuxTag 2011 in Berlin/Germany, you are invited to attend my short talk on MariaDB as a drop-in replacement for MySQL. The talk focusses on differences between MySQL Community Edition and MariaDB … Weiterlesen →

Speaking at IPC Spring in Berlin
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I'll be speaking at IPC Spring in Berlin between May 31 and June 2 this year. My talk is on MySQL partitioning. It will have more information than the talk I did at ConFoo in March. The talk will be on Tuesday, June 1st.

If you're in or around Berlin at that time, drop in.

Berlin Open 09: Social Networking
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Yesterday, I was invited to hold a presentation at the Berlin Open ‘09 Open Source event. This was related to earlier activities, such as the Open Source Yearbook published by professor Berndt Lutterbeck of the Technical University of Berlin. Professor Lutterbeck was also the main organiser behind Berlin Open.

After some, …

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Stuff in Berlin
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I asked for a performance review from my boss a while ago, and I got it on Tuesday. It was all good news. There is something clear that I need to work on, which is much, much better than having nowhere to improve :)

My manager said that he is happy with my work and that I have been quite innovative.

I've been getting up around 7:00 in the morning, showering, shaving, dressing, and getting to the MySQL offices around 7:45 - 8:30 (depending on whether I have breakfast at the hotel.)

When I get to the offices, I try to get all of the internet-related work (grabbing libraries, header files I'll need, programs I need to work on, etc) …

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Did I mention I'm in Berlin?
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I'm in Germany. Crazy.

I'm putting images up on my gallery page now, but it's slow going. It seems that I keep bringing down my co-worker's network whenever I push a lot of bandwidth over it.

I have not asked my co-worker if I can mention him on my blog yet, so I will not mention his name; But, I would like to publicly share my gratitude. He has been very kind and helped me find my way around his country very adeptly.

He suggested a very nice hotel for me, only moments from his office and home, was kind enough to invite me on an outing last weekend with his children to a local lake, keeps me hydrated (Have I mentioned how uhm... …

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