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Report from Trondheim MySQL User Group meeting, Thursday March 6, 2014
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Yesterday we had our third MySQL User Group meeting in Trondheim with close to 40 participants, a mix of database administrators, application developers, database developers, and even university professors.

We had all gathered to listen to Truls Bergskaug from Basefarm a leading hosting provider for mission critical business applications. Truls Bergskaug is an experienced database administrator who deals with around 500 MySQL instances in production, all MySQL versions starting from 4.1 up to 5.6. Truls presented the hosting environment, typical

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How to Enable MySQL Event Scheduler
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You may think that you already know what's the opposite of "DISABLED", but with MySQL Event Scheduler you'll be wrong.

In fact MySQL Event Scheduler may have three different states[1][2]:

DISABLED -  The Event Scheduler thread does not run [1]. In addition, the Event Scheduler state cannot be changed at runtime.
OFF (default) - The Event Scheduler thread does not run [1]. When the Event Scheduler is OFF it can be started by setting the value of event_scheduler to ON.
ON - The Event Scheduler is started; the event scheduler thread runs and executes all scheduled events.

So if you're going to find it in the DISABLED state and instinctively set it to ENABLED you'll end up with a non-starting MySQL daemon.
Be warned and stay safe out there!

[1]: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/events-configuration.html
[2]: When the Event Scheduler is not running does not appear in the output of SHOW PROCESSLIST
Upcoming EMEA Events with MySQL!
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MySQL Community team is pleased to announce following events as the ones supported by us with a great MySQL staff attending. Find more details below (or at our Community wikis).

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Bangalore MySQL User Camp - 22 Mar
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We are planning the kickoff meeting of the Bangalore MySQL User Camp:
We would like to invite all MySQL enthusiasts at Bangalore to join.
Plan is to have at-least one meeting every quarter and give an opportunity to all to participate, attend and speak.

Agenda for 22 March Meeting:
1700-1715: Introductions
1715-1730 : Meet the MySQL Development team @ Bangalore
1730-1815 : Introduction to MySQL 5.6
1815-1830 : Q&A & Plan for the next meeting
1830-1900 : Tea and informal networking

Conf Rom 0C001,
Ground Floor, B Wing, Oracle,
Kalyani Magnum Software technology Park
1st Main, J P Nagar 7th Phase,
Bangalore 560076

You can also join the google group "bangalore-mysql-user-camp" where we will be announcing further meetings etc.

Automating Backups
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If you need to automate backups, you might wonder about the different techniques available to you.

With regards to scheduling backups using built-in features of MySQL, you have two main options:

  • Either run mysqldump (or mysqlbackup if you have an Enterprise licence) from an operating system scheduler, for example in Linux using "cron" or in Windows using the "Task Scheduler". This is the most commonly used option.
  • Alternatively, use the Event Scheduler to perform a series of  SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE ... commands, one for each table you need to back up. This is a less commonly used option, but you might still find it useful.

Scheduling mysqlbackup with cron

mysqldump is a client program, so when you run it, you run it from a shell

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MySQL-related events & the ecosystem
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I had an interesting conversation with Sheeri (who I’ve known for many years, so consider this friendly banter) on Twitter about my recent blog post titled: once again, a split in events.

Disclaimer/Bias Warning: For those that don’t know me, I write this as a perspective of a community member. I was the first ever Community Engineer at MySQL, followed by being a Community Relations Manager right up till I left Sun Microsystems. I now work on MariaDB which is a branch of MySQL, so naturally we are in competition for user base. But I’m writing this as a community member at large who cares about MySQL & the ecosystem.

First of, this is a focus

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Too many or too big open MyISAM tables??
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MySQL tries to be smart and to cram as much performance out of available hardware, and one thing that most MySQLers knows is that opening a table (ie. opening the frm file, and depending on the storage engine, any additional files related to the table) is expensive from a performance point of view. When we see the opened_tables status variable increasing, we tend to increase the table_open_cache setting and keep as many tables as possible open and avoid reopening them.

When it comes to MyISAM though, this has a nasty side-effect. When the server crashes and there are MyISAM tables open, these might well need to be REPAIRed. And if you have big MyISAM tables, this is an issue. Let's say that your application use several MyISAM tables, with the same content, and that you create new tables after a certain time, to keep the size of each

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Upcoming speaking engagements: Oracle OpenWorld, DOAG Conference
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It's that time of the year again — the summer holidays are over and the conference season starts!

I'm very excited to be at Oracle Open World in San Francisco again, where I will pretty busy. On Saturday and Sunday I will attend MySQL Connect, primarily to man the Oracle Linux booth in the exhibition area. But I hope to catch some of the talks as well (I shared my favourite sessions with Keith Larson from the MySQL team in this interview). During Open World, I will help out manning the Oracle Linux demo pods in the exhibition grounds in Moscone South, where we will showcase Oracle Linux with Ksplice and related

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Oracle Open World 2011 Presentations
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MySQL Explain

Better Indexes

At Oracle Open World 2011 I gave two presentations.

You can download updated versions of Explaining the MySQL Explain and Improving Performance with Better Indexes presentations.

Want to know more, check out our

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Next New York Meeting – Understanding Indexing
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For our next meeting we have a guest speaker, Zardosht Kasheff, a frequent attendee at Effective MySQL. He will be talking about “Understanding Indexing”.

Registration Details

Event Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 7:00 PM
Event Location: Hive at 55, 55 Broad Street, 13F,New York, NY 10004

We are switching to using EventBrite for registration. Please register at http://effectivemysql2011oct.eventbrite.com

The cost for event is $5 to cover the event space.


  • 7:00 Meet and Greet
  • 7:15 Presentation
  • 8:15 Q & A
  • 8:30 Networking

Presentation Details

Indexes are used to improve query performance. As a result, good indexes are designed around queries that users find important in their application. This talk

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Join us at the OTN Sys Admin Day for Oracle Linux and Solaris on Sep. 22nd, Seattle (WA)
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Last week we concluded our first Oracle Technology Network Sys Admin Day in Sacramento (CA). Well, it was actually the second Sys Admin Day, but the first one that had two parallel tracks of sessions about both Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris.

I helped preparing for the event by creating the Linux lab handbook as well as the VirtualBox appliance of Oracle Linux 6.1 that was used for the exercises. Unfortunately I could not be there in person, but it would have been pointless for me to go on an intercontinental flight just for one day.

From the feedback we've received so far, the attendees really enjoyed the event and were positively surprised about the depth and quality of the practical

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What's coming up?
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In my last post, I provided a short review of what I have been working on in the past few months since I joined the Oracle Linux team. Now it's time for a summary of upcoming events! Looking forward, I already have a few more things lined up:

I'll attend and speak at the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 conference in San Francisco in October. I have a joint session with Chris Mason titled Overview: New Features in Oracle Linux 6 where we'll cover the latest developments. I have another joint presentation with my colleague Rob Young from the MySQL product management team titled

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MySQL Cluster Webinar: Best practices in scaling Web databases with Auto-Partitioning and SQL/noSQL Access
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Register yourself here

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Oracle at fisl12 (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2011-06-29/2011-07-02)
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fisl12 is likely the largest free and open source software event in Latin America. This year, it takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from June 29th to July 2nd. Oracle is a gold sponsor of the event and I will attend it as a speaker. I feel honoured and excited to be there – for me it will be the first visit to the South American continent.

They already have over 3000 registered attendees, so this definitely is going to be a great conference. There is quite a number of well-known names on the speaker roster and I look forward to meeting a lot of familar faces there.


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Short talk on MariaDB at Linuxtag 2011
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If you happen to be around at this years LinuxTag 2011 in Berlin/Germany, you are invited to attend my short talk on MariaDB as a drop-in replacement for MySQL. The talk focusses on differences between MySQL Community Edition and MariaDB (e.g. XtraDB, Aria, userstats), shows some features live and explains how to switch. I’ll probably post the slides here afterwards.

The talk will be held in German and is scheduled for Friday, the 13th of May, 16:30. The official announcement can be found here.

Oracle at LinuxTag 2011 in Berlin, Germany
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Linuxtag is likely one of the oldest and largest Linux/OSS events in Germany. I remember having been there to represent SuSE Linux while it still took place at the University of Kaiserslautern, using tables and chairs from the lecture rooms as exhibition stands (this must have been around 1998 or 1999). This year it will take place in Berlin again, and the session schedule looks very promising. I'll be there from Wednesday till Friday and I feel that I will have a hard time deciding which presentations I should attend...

I'll be speaking about What's new in MySQL 5.5 on Friday, 13th of May, at 15:00. If you haven't updated to MySQL

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Upcoming developer/sysadmin days about MySQL and Solaris
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The folks at OTN have been very busy — among many others (both virtual and in RL), there are two upcoming developer/sysadmin days about MySQL and Solaris. Both will take place in California next month:
  • On Tuesday, May 03, 2011, 8:00am to 4:00 pm, there will be the OTN Developer Day for MySQL in the Oracle Santa Clara Agnews Campus Auditorium. It will cover application development with MySQL, performance tuning tips and managing MySQL environments.
  • On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, the OTN's first
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Upcoming MySQL presentation in New York
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On Tuesday I will be speaking in New York at the Effective MySQL Meetup group where I will be giving the presentation “MySQL Idiosyncrasies That Bite”. For more information and to register, check out the Meetup Event. There are just 10 seats left.

To promote the upcoming Percona Live event in New York, for attendees to the Meetup there will be a draw for a FREE ticket to the May 26th event.

Effective MySQL New York is the only MySQL group now operating in New York. Please join our group for the latest information and events for the MySQL community.

Announcing the FOSDEM MySQL & Friends DevRoom schedule
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It was ready for a while already, but now it's part of the official FOSDEM schedule as well: I am very pleased to announce the presentations and speakers of the MySQL & Friends Developer Room, which will take place this coming Saturday (5th of February) in Brussels, Belgium.

This year, our DevRoom will be located in room H.2213 (in the H Building), which has a capacity of up to 100 people and will be available to us from 13:00-19:00 o'clock. We have 12 sessions lined up, each will last 25 minutes (incl. Q&A). Without further ado, here's our schedule:

Time Speaker Session Title 13:00-13:25 Lenz Grimmer  [Read more...]
One more week to submit talks for the Harmony conference in Helsinki, Finland (May 19/20)
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Just a quick reminder: the Oracle user groups of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia are organizing a joint conference, the Harmony. It will take place on May 19th-20th in Helsinki, Finland. I've met the organizers at the IOUC summit that took place at the Oracle HQ this week and they would love to have some more MySQL content. So if you have an idea for a talk about a MySQL-related topic, please submit it! The call for papers closes on February, 1st!

Upcoming speaking engagements: SF MySQL Meetup, FOSDEM, GUUG FFG and COLLABORATE 11
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My calendar is filling up with speaking engagements about MySQL at various events quickly. Here is a list of events for the coming months where I'll be present:

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Reminder: CfP for the "MySQL & Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2011 closes Dec. 26th!
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Just as a friendly reminder about what I wrote a month ago: we've already received a number of great talk submissions for the MySQL & Friends Developer Room at FOSDEM 2011, thanks to everyone who contributed so far! However, we still are looking for some more!

You can submit your proposal via this form. The deadline for turning in your

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Free MySQL event in São Paulo, Brasil (December 8th)
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As part of the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld/Java One in São Paulo, Brazil next week (which will also include MySQL-related sessions), there will be a free MySQL Community event, which will take place on December 8th, from 13:00-18:00.

Here's the (translated and abbreviated) description from the events page:

Oracle invites you to attend the MySQL Community Forum! Don't miss an evening filled with technical sessions led by engineers and leaders of the MySQL open source community. You will have the opportunity to learn more about MySQL, Glassfish and what innovations

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Submitting MySQL talks to upcoming Oracle User Group Events in Europe
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I've been informed about two upcoming events/conferences that are organized by the independent Oracle user groups of the respective countries. If you're nearby, how about submitting a talk about a MySQL-related topic?

On March 29, 2011 the the Oracle Benelux User Group will have their yearly OBUG Benelux Connect 2011 conference, which will take place in Brussels, Belgium. You can submit your proposal until December 3rd, 2010 via

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Call for Papers: "MySQL and Friends" Developer Room at FOSDEM 2011 (Feb. 5th, Brussels, BE)
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It's that time of the year again — the nice folks at FOSDEM have granted us a developer room at their upcoming conference (February 5+6 2011 in Brussels, Belgium)!

As usual there were more applications than they were able to accommodate, so we are very grateful for this opportunity for collaboration. Titled "MySQL and Friends", our room next year will be H.2213 with a capacity of 100 seats. It will be at our disposal on Saturday 5th, from 13:00 till 19:00. Like last year, we would like to set up a schedule of talks related to the MySQL server and the various

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MySQL stream at the UKOUG Technology & E-Business Conference on Dec. 1st in Birmingham (UK)
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The UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) is an independent non-profit organisation of users of Oracle products in the UK, which organizes over 80 events per year all across the UK and Ireland. They have more that 15.000 members and were established over 25 years ago. Currently, they are in the final stretch of the preparations for their annual Technology & E-Business Conference, which will take place from November, 29th - December, 1st in Birmingham (UK).

For the first time, the conference will host a dedicated stream of presentations related to MySQL, which is scheduled for Wednesday (Dec. 1st).

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MySQL 5.5: InnoDB Performance Improvements on Windows
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At MySQL, we know our users want Performance, Scalability, Reliability, and Availability, regardless of the platform the choose to deploy. We have always had excellent benchmarks on Linux, and with MySQL 5.5, we are also working hard on improving performance on Windows.

The original patch of improving Windows performance was developed by MySQL senior developer Vladislav Vaintroub; benchmarks by QA engineer Jonathan Miller. We integrated the patch into MySQL 5.5 release.

The following two charts show the comparison of MySQL 5.5 vs. MySQL 5.1 (plugin) vs. MySQL 5.1 (builtin) using sysbench:

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OpenSQL Camp Europe and FrOSCon: A summary
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With OpenSQL Camp and FrOSCon being over for almost a week now, it's time to come up with a short summary. I traveled home on Monday morning and then took Tuesday off, so I had some catching up to do...

As for the past years, FrOSCon rocked again! According to the closing keynote, they had around 1.500 (unique) visitors and I had a great time there. I really enjoyed meeting all the old and new faces of the various Open Source communities. The lineup of speakers was excellent, Jon "maddog" Hall's keynote about "Free and Open Source Software in the Developing World" was quite insightful and inspiring.

Most of the time I was busy with

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OpenSQL Camp Europe: Some last-minute changes to the schedule
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In just two days the OpenSQL Camp Europe (hosted by the excellent FrOSCon) will kick off!

We've had a few last-minute changes to the schedule, as some speakers could not make it due to visa or family issues. But we managed to keep all slots filled on both days and I think we've come up with a very nice program! In addition to the two sessions I already had, I've volunteered to take over Giuseppe's talk about Shooting from the Hip. MySQL at the Command Line.

The most up-to-date version of the schedule is on the OpenSQL Camp Wiki, I expect the remaining changes to be reflected on the

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Seeking talks for the MySQL stream at the UKOUG Conference in Birmingham (2010-11-29/2010-12-01)
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Similar to events in the US and Germany, another large Oracle User Group organization is preparing for their annual conference and would like to set up a dedicated track of sessions about MySQL – this time it's the British UKOUG  which organizes the Conference Series Technology & E-Business Suite 2010.

This annual user group event will offer a place to share knowledge and hear the latest information from key personnel about product development. This event is a technical event and not a marketing event and we'd like to encourage you to submit a MySQL-related talk!

Some more information about this conference:

  • Dates: Monday 29th November – Wednesday
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