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Making MySQL Better More Quickly
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With the upcoming release of MySQL 5.7 I begin to see a problem which I think needs attention at least for 5.8 or whatever comes next.

  • The GA release cycle is too long, being about 2 years and that means 3 years between upgrades in a production environment
  • More people use MySQL and the data it holds becomes more important. So playing with development versions while possible becomes harder.  This is bad for Oracle as they do not get the feedback they need to adjust the development of new features and have to best guess the right choices.
  • Production DBAs do want new features and crave them if it makes our life easier, if …
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How to Enable MySQL Event Scheduler
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You may think that you already know what's the opposite of "DISABLED", but with MySQL Event Scheduler you'll be wrong.

In fact MySQL Event Scheduler may have three different states[1][2]:

DISABLED -  The Event Scheduler thread does not run [1]. In addition, the Event Scheduler state cannot be changed at runtime.
OFF (default) - The Event Scheduler thread does not run [1]. When the Event Scheduler is OFF it can be started by setting the value of event_scheduler to ON.
ON - The Event Scheduler is started; the event scheduler thread runs and executes all scheduled events.

So if you're going to find it in the DISABLED state …

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Event scheduler in MySQL 5.1
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I just recently used Event scheduler which was the major feature in MySQL 5.1 version. Its very much similar to the linux crontab functionality. MySQL Event is nothing but a bunch of statements which we can run on specific schedule. When you will create any event, its just a database object like table, view or … Continue Reading

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Regularly flushing the MySQL Query Cache without cron
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This is a reply on Regularly flushing the MySQL Query Cache.

The original acticle is about regulary flushing the MySQL Query Cache as it will fragment over time.

There are some drawbacks for the cron method for flushing the query cache:

  • It will only work on UNIX like platforms as MS Windows uses the task scheduler to schedule tasks.
  • It needs credentials to login to the database.
  • It's not included …

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Triggers Use Case Compilation, Part III
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The previous two parts have looked at some solutions offered by triggers. Let’s look now at some wishful triggers solutions, which are currently unavailable because of triggers limitations.

Triggers Use Case Compilation, Part I

Triggers Use Case Compilation, Part II

Limitations and wishful features

Triggers are slow

The overhead of adding triggers is usually an even breaker. But I would like to believe …

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Position 1
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MySQL 5.1 is here! It’s announced! And it’s time for the overall winner, Position 1 in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

1. Greg Haase (Lotame Solutions Inc., Elkridge, Maryland, USA): Using Partitioning and Event Scheduler to Prune Archive Tables. See Greg’s DevZone article, and …

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Positions 5 to 10
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With the GA announcement of MySQL 5.1 coming up, we have picked the winners in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

To keep you in suspense, let me first announce those on positions 5 to 10:

5. Fourat Zouari (, Tunis, Tunisia): Using Partitioning for Data Warehousing. See Fourat’s DevZone article, and …

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Using Scheduled Events in MySQL™ 5.1
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[HoneyMonitor is a GUI for MySQL™. Server Administration, Database and Database Objects Administration, Code Development, Server Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Performance Auditing. Read more on]

This is a short tutorial on the features implemented in HoneyMonitor for the use and administration of Scheduled Events . It could be useful for Users who are new to the product and want to get start with it or to whom want to learn the basis of Scheduled Events in MySQL™ 5.1

More details on the HoneyMonitor Reference Manual at …

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Event Scheduler
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Part of updating the MySQL Certifications is trying out all the new features that have appeared with 5.1 and 6.0. Currently I am working with 5.1.24-rc on a Mac and 6.0 on Ubuntu and looking for items to add to the exams. The Event Scheduler is sure to become one of those Swiss Army Knife tools that we will wonder how we ever accomplished anything without.

I usually experiment with very simple tasks.

CREATE EVENT x1_event ON SCHEDULE AT '2008-07-16 14:01:01' DO INSERT INTO x1 VALUES (9,'nine');

SHOW EVENTS did exactly that. And just after 14:01, I found the new row in my x1 table.

So now I am thinking of a …

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