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MySQL in Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory January 2014
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Oracle has released the Critical Patch Update (CPU) advisory for January 2014.

The affected MySQL products are:
  • Oracle MySQL Enterprise Monitor, versions 2.3, 3.0 
  • Oracle MySQL Server, versions 5.1, 5.5, 5.6
So this means that you should consider updating MySQL. For MySQL Enterprise the updates should be available on My Oracle Support and for the Community version the new versions are on the regular download locations. I guess the official repositories are already updated.

For MySQL 5.6 you should upgrade to 5.6.15
For MySQL 5.5 you should upgrade to 5.5.35
For MySQL 5.1 you should upgrade to 5.1.73

If you use the MySQL release from your

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Implications of Metadata Locking Changes in MySQL 5.5
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While most of the talk recently has mostly been around the new changes in MySQL 5.6 (and that is understandable), I have had lately some very interesting cases to deal with, with respect to the Metadata Locking related changes that were introduced in MySQL 5.5.3. It appears that the implications of Metadata Locking have not been covered well, and since there are still a large number of MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 installations that would upgrade or are in the process of upgrading to MySQL 5.5, I thought it necessary to discuss what these implications exactly are.

The post Implications of Metadata Locking Changes in MySQL 5.5 appeared first on ovais.tariq.

mysqldiskusage – to see database disk usage by MySQL Workbench
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As we know, MySQL workbench is excellent GUI tool for managing MySQL DB servers, creating ERDs (Data Modelling) and for sql development. But with this GUI tool, we are getting some command-line utilities too like mysqldiskusage, mysqlindexcheck, mysqlfailover, mysqldiff, mysqldbcompare etc., Here, I’m describing mysqldiskusage utility, which is not only displays mysql db usage but … Continue Reading   [Read more...]
mysqlslap – to check client load in MySQL 5.1
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mysqlslap is native mysql utility to check client load in MySQL server. It’s introduced in MySQl 5.1. It seems very useful as it has lots of options to check load of your server by running different kind of queries with specific iterations, specific concurrency. Output will give you how much max/min/avg  time has been taken … Continue Reading   [Read more...]
slow_log and general_log tables in MySQL 5.1
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“Server log tables” is one of the finest feature in MySQL 5.1 version but It looks like people are not using this feature regularly or perhaps they are happy with files only. Here, I’m explaining how we can enable that feature, use it and how it will be helpful for filtering the required statements in … Continue Reading   [Read more...]
Event scheduler in MySQL 5.1
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I just recently used Event scheduler which was the major feature in MySQL 5.1 version. Its very much similar to the linux crontab functionality. MySQL Event is nothing but a bunch of statements which we can run on specific schedule. When you will create any event, its just a database object like table, view or … Continue Reading   [Read more...]
When EXPLAIN estimates can go wrong!
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This is the title of my first blog post on MySQL Performance Blog. It deals with a customer case where the customer was facing a peculiar problem where the rows column in the EXPLAIN output of the query was totally off. The actual number of rows was 18 times more than the number of rows reported by MySQL in the output of EXPLAIN. Now this can be a real pain as MySQL uses “the number of rows” estimation to pick and choose indexes and it could really be picking up a wrong index simply because of the wrong estimate. You...

The post When EXPLAIN estimates can go wrong! appeared first on ovais.tariq.

Found a nasty COALESCE() related bug in 5.5.6-rc
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Seeing as it looks like 5.5 is shortly about to go GA I thought I’d give it a run and see how well it works. The only way really to test it is to give it a bit of load and look for things which break. That I did with the 5.5.6-rc community rpms, compared to the 5.1 advanced rpms I usually run.

My colleagues, Ben and Peter, found a horrible problem which means that I can’t use this even for any real usage on my real servers. See: bug#57095 for all the gory details. Thanks to them both for finding the problem and then digging down and figuring out the real cause. Sometimes developers work a long way from the database so their errors don’t translate into something I can really look at in the database. They delved into the problem and then found the cause and a nice easy test

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MySQL 5.1 and InnoDB Hot Backup Gotcha
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Recently while we were building a slave with a newer version of MySQL 5.1 from an InnoDB Hot backup, the following error occurred when we ran mysql_upgrade:

mysql.time_zone                                    OK
mysql.time_zone_leap_second                        OK
mysql.time_zone_name                               OK
mysql.time_zone_transition                         OK
mysql.time_zone_transition_type                    OK
mysql.user                                         OK
Running 'mysql_fix_privilege_tables'...
ERROR 13 (HY000) at line 311: Can't get stat of './mysql/general_log.CSV' (Errcode: 2)
ERROR 13 (HY000) at line 316: Can't get stat of './mysql/slow_log.CSV' (Errcode: 2)
FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed

The problem is that in MySQL 5.1, it is possible to log the slow query log and general log to tables in the mysql schema

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Don’t put a NULL in the IN clause in 5.1
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There seems to be an optimizer problem in 5.1, if you put a NULL in the IN clause of a SELECT. For example, given the following table:


Compare these two EXPLAINs:

mysql> EXPLAIN * FROM foo WHERE a IN (160000, 160001, 160002)\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
           id: 1
  select_type: SIMPLE
        table: foo
         type: range
possible_keys: PRIMARY
          key: PRIMARY
      key_len: 4
          ref: NULL
         rows: 3
        Extra: Using where
1 row in set (0.06 sec)

mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM foo WHERE a IN (NULL, 160000, 160001, 160002)\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
           id: 1
  select_type: SIMPLE
        table: foo
         type: ALL
possible_keys: PRIMARY
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MySQL 5.1 release t-shirt
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Look what arrived in the mail! MySQL 5.1 Release t-shirts!

The front

The back - with all our names

We made something similar for the MySQL 5.0 release and 10th anniversary, and sold that. I don’t know if we have plans to sell the MySQL 5.1 t-shirts, but if you think you’d like to buy one, maybe drop me a comment and if there’s enough requests for it, I’m sure we’ll try to sort something out.

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Upgrading MySQL with minimal downtime through Replication
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With the release of MySQL 5.1, many DBAs are going to be scheduling downtime to upgrade their MySQL Server. As with all upgrades between major version numbers, it requires one of two upgrade paths:

  • Dump/reload: The safest method of upgrading, but it takes out your server for quite some time, especially if you have a large data set.
  • mysql_upgrade: A much faster method, but it can still be slow for very large data sets.

I’m here to present a third option. It requires minimal application downtime, and is reasonably simple to prepare for and perform.


First of all, you’re going to need a second server (which I’ll refer to as S2). It will act as a ’stand-in’, while the main server (which I’ll refer to as S1) is upgraded. Once S2 is ready to go, you can

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My Favorite New Feature of MySQL 5.1: Less InnoDB Locking
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MySQL 5.1 has a lot of nice new features, partitioning, event scheduler, dynamic logging, etc... Most of these require changing some application code or design logic to make use of them. However, there is a few new features that almost every user of InnoDB can take advantage of right away and that is the ability to set MySQL so that less locking is required for many statements in InnoDB. There are a few changes which make this possible.

The first one is the new auto_increment locking for InnoDB. There is a good article which talks about this here and a large section the in the manual.

In MySQL 5.0 and previous, InnoDB used a special

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Replication with InnoDB and MyISAM Transactions
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There’s a change of behaviour in MySQL 5.1.31 for Row Based Replication, if you have InnoDB transactions that also write to a MyISAM (or other non-transactional engine) table. It’s a side effect of fixing Bug #40116. Take this simple example:

Transaction 1: INSERT INTO myisam_tbl (item, val) VALUES (1, 0);
Transaction 1: INSERT INTO innodb_tbl (item, val) VALUES (1, -1), (2, -1);
Transaction 1: UPDATE myisam_tbl SET val=val+1 WHERE item=1;
Transaction 1: UPDATE innodb_tbl SET val=( SELECT val FROM myisam_tbl WHERE item=1 ) WHERE item=1;
Transaction 2: UPDATE myisam_tbl SET val=val+1 WHERE item=1;
Transaction 2: UPDATE innodb_tbl SET val=( SELECT val FROM myisam_tbl WHERE item=1 ) WHERE
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My take on MySQL 5.1
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So being that I am a support engineer with Sun/MySQL, I figured I would chime in with my opinion of MySQL 5.1 GA so far since I have been using it for a while. For history, I have been with MySQL AB/Sun since the 4.0 release cycle. This post does not represent any official views of my employer, Sun Microsystems, and all such disclaimers.

First off, I want to say that Sun assisted greatly with MySQL 5.1. I think it is a much better release than it would have been with MySQL AB doing the release. I do think this will continue in the future from everything I have experienced and seen so far. Sun knows how to make solid software.

So do I think that 5.1 was released too early? Not at all from my experiences of the MySQL releases. 5.1 is fairing quite well, and I think everyone that has a reason to upgrade to it (such as less locking for InnoDB

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MySQL Webinar on Partitioning — by Use Case Competition Winner
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Do you remember Guy Adams? He was one of the winners of the “5.1 Use Case Competition”, ending up on position #2. Guess what: He has a webinar coming up tomorrow, by the title Deploying MySQL in a High Performance Satellite Network Management Environment by Parallel.
Guy works with Parallel Ltd. in Milton Keynes in the UK. You may also want to read up on

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Percona Offers InnoDB Replacement
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Open source the way it ought to be. Today, Percona announced a replacement for InnoDB that improves performance and fixes bugs. The new engine is called XtraDB.

According to Vadim at Percona:

It's 100% backwards-compatible with standard InnoDB, so you can use it as a drop-in replacement in your current environment. It is designed to scale better on modern hardware, and includes a variety of other features useful in high performance environments.

The release is pure GPL (v2) and commercial support is available from Percona. If percona keeps this up, they just might become the new MySQL.

The source

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Recipe for celebrating MySQL 5.1 GA
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Here is my personal recipe for celebrating MySQL 5.1 GA (called “Five shot one“):


101 MySQL Stories - 5.1: Is that So?
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Rick Deckard is an Engineering Manager at MySQL. Rick is one of the most senior engineers in the company, he led the team during the long delivery of the newest GA version of the server, 5.1.

Soon after the release of 5.1, the Internet Village experienced shocking hours. A wind of disappointment spread all over the Net, blown by news of serious issues that affected 5.1. Many users were concerned, they feared for their mission critical applications based on 5.1, although they had already been in production for months without a glitch.

With great disappointment, the Net pointed the finger at Rick, asking for a clarification on these serious issues. "Is that so?" was all he would say.

After a few days, some wise users spent time reviewing the issues that affected 5.1. They discovered that some issues were not different by the ones that were

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MySQL 5.1 is GA — including a behind-the-scenes report
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I suspect that few of the readers of my blog have missed it, but MySQL 5.1 is GA (http://www.mysql.com/products/enterprise/server.html" target="_blank). And I suspect it was no surprise to my readers, nor those of Giuseppe, the Community Team Lead. Nor those who read Sheeri’s blog, with the picture of Dups unmistakably setting GA date expectations at the OpenSQL Camp a number of weeks ago.

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Balancing community and enterprise needs
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When Monty Widenius published his criticisms of MySQL 5.1 recently a lot of the coverage that followed focused on his belief that the product had been made generally available too early and has too many serious bugs.

A solution to this problem would have been told hold 5.1 back even longer for more testing or, better still, not to have announced it as a release candidate so early. However, reading Monty’s post in full indicates that this would be a matter of treating the symptoms rather than finding a cure.

He also wrote: “the MySQL current development model doesn’t in practice allow the MySQL community to participate in the development of the MySQL server” and “I think it’s time to seriously review how the MySQL server is being developed and

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CAOS Theory Podcast 2008.12.05
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Topics for this podcast:

* Open source getting, and going without VC investment
* Oracle contributions to Linux and open source
* Sun’s latest moves with MySQL database and version 5.1
* Linux in high-end computing

iTunes or direct download (25:50, 6.0 MB)

MySQL 5.1 release schedule
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With the delivery of MySQL 5.1 GA, our release policy sees a couple of changes in relation to that of MySQL 5.0.

First, initially we will deliver both MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Community Server in parallel. The bug fixes to the initial MySQL 5.1 GA releases will thus be delivered also in binary form for both MySQL Community Server and MySQL Enterprise Server.

Second, after a period of time, we will revert to the different release schedule for MySQL Enterprise Server and MySQL Community Server that we have been using. MySQL Enterprise Server will have more frequent binary releases. However, at this point, we do not have

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Position 1
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MySQL 5.1 is here! It’s announced! And it’s time for the overall winner, Position 1 in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

1. Greg Haase (Lotame Solutions Inc., Elkridge, Maryland, USA): Using Partitioning and Event Scheduler to Prune Archive Tables. See Greg’s DevZone article, and his blog.

Thanks and congratulations,

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Position 2
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The GA announcement of MySQL 5.1 is coming, and for downloading, it’s already available, as I hope you have noticed from Giuseppe’s blog. We continue our preparations, this time by announcing Position 2 in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

2. Guy Adams (Parallel Ltd., Milton Keynes, United Kingdom): Using Partitioning to Manage Satellite Networks. See Guy’s DevZone article.

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Position 3
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The GA announcement of MySQL 5.1 is getting closer by the minute! So it’s time for Position 3 in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

3. Corrado Pandiani (Football Club Internazionale Milano Spa, Milan, Italy): Using Partitioning and Event Scheduler for online logging & real-time stats. See Corrado’s DevZone article, and his blog.

Thanks and congratulations, Corrado! I hope you are in a position to take

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Position 4
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The GA announcement of MySQL 5.1 is close, so close that we’re seeding the mirrors (I hope you noted Giuseppe’s blog entry)! So it’s time for Position 4 in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

4. Volker Oboda (TeamDrive Systems GmbH, Hamburg, Germany): Using the Pluggable API for TeamDrive. See Volker’s DevZone article, and

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MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition: Positions 5 to 10
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With the GA announcement of MySQL 5.1 coming up, we have picked the winners in the MySQL 5.1 Use Case Competition.

To keep you in suspense, let me first announce those on positions 5 to 10:

5. Fourat Zouari (TriTUX.com, Tunis, Tunisia): Using Partitioning for Data Warehousing. See Fourat’s DevZone article, and

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Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Customized Performance Report using HoneyMonitor
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Reading this article you will learn how to create a Customized Performance Report for one of your MySQL™ Servers using HoneyMonitor, a GUI for MySQL™ Server Administration, Monitoring & Performance Tuning.


  • Introduction
  • Step 1 - Choosing a File Name and Opening the Report Designer
  • Step 2 - Editing the SQL Queries used by the Report
  • Step 3 - Editing the Charts contained in the Report
    • Axis
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KickFire is Back
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After receiving an email about talking with Robert David, Director of Sales at KickFire, I checked out recent news on KickFire, as there had been little written about this company aside from the big splash they made at the MySQL Users Conference back in April 2008.And, lo and behold, there was a piece of news, posted on October 14 - Kickfire Enters Into MySQL Enterprise Agreement With Sun
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