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MySQL 5.7 & Fabric in Sunnyvale May 22nd
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MySQL Fabric and 5.7 will be the topics of presentations this Thursday (5/22) at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, California. Lee Stigile is presenting: What’s new in MySQL 5.7, and Sastry Vendantam is presenting MySQL Fabric.

Agenda is as follows:

5:00-5:30 Networking/Socialize over food and drinks
5:30-6:00 Lee will present MySQL 5.7
6:00-6:30 Sastry will present Fabric
6:30-7:00 Q&A and Socialize over food and drinks

Here is the link to register/RSVP

Plug and Play Tech Center
Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PDT)
440 N Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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GUUG Frühjahrsfachgespräch 2014: CfP ends on May 31st!
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The German Unix User Group (GUUG) will hold their annual conference "Frühjahrsfachgespräch" on September 23-26 this year (I know, not really "Frühjahr" anymore, but this is how it is).

The Call for Presentations is still open until May 31st. Talks can be proposed in German and English, and there are slots for longer tutorials as well.

The range of possible topics is broad, so if you think you have anything interesting to share with a very passionate and technical audience of sysadmins and developers, here are some suggestions:

  • Operating Systems/Applications: architectures, privilege concepts, new developments, administration, mobile systems
  • Relevant new OS Kernel
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My lca2014 talk video: Past, Present and Future of MySQL and variants
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On last Wednesday morning I gave my talk at linux.conf.au 2014. You can now view and download the recording of it here:


(hopefully more free formats will come soon, the all volunteer AV team has been absolutely amazing getting things up this quickly).

MySQL Backup & Recovery Essentials
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Download PDF Presentation

A hardware, software or human failure can occur at any time. Are you prepared?
Many organizations take a risk of serious data loss and system downtime with inadequate procedures in place to support a disaster recovery. This presentation covers the essentials of MySQL backup and recovery options, identifying the necessary tools for an effective strategy to support data resilience and business continuity for your organization. MySQL has no one single unbreakable backup solution, so it is important to understand the impact of MySQL replication, storage engines, configuration

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Indexing Talk Online
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I am doing a quick blog post to announce that I have put an indexing talk online*. Most recently, I delivered this indexing talk at Confoo and Scale 11x.

The talk is on YouTube at Are You Getting the Best Out of Your MySQL Indexes? There are also PDF slides.
From the official conference description, if you want to know more:
MySQL indexes are often used to make performance better. However, they can make performance suffer if you are not using them properly. Oracle ACE Director Sheeri Cabral explains the pitfalls to avoid with indexes and how to utilize compound indexes to maximize index availability with the least amount of write overhead.

*I know I have not

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The top 5 proactive measures to minimize MySQL downtime
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I’m happy to announce that the recording for my recent webinar “5 Proactive Measures to Minimize MySQL Downtime” is now available, along with the slides. They can both be found here.

My webinar focused on the top 5 operational measures that prevent or reduce

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MySQL Presentations to the Colombia Oracle Users Group
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My slides for presentations on MySQL Backup and Recovery Essentials and Understanding and using MySQL in the Cloud from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) event in Medellín‎ Colombia are now available.

Thank you to the Colombia Oracle Users Group for inviting me to the event.

Lessons Learned Managing Large AWS Environments
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Download PDF Presentation

At Cloud Expo East 2013 I gave a presentation of my experiences in dealing with large AWS environments. In summary this included:

  • Understanding AWS Products (especially the growth of new/revised products and pricing)
  • Knowing the true Cost of your deployment and options with instances types, sizes and products
  • Being prepared for Web Scale
  • The importance of Security, what exists, the

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    The history and future of the MySQL Ecosystem
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    Download PDF Presentation


    This week I was the guest speaker at the New York Linux Users Group (NYLUG) Meetup where I had the opportunity to talk about The history and future of the MySQL Ecosystem. This talk, titled “”Spaghetti and MySQLBalls (with a side of greens)” detailed the beginnings of MySQL, the

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    MySQL 5.6 Experiences - .mylogin.cnf and mysql_config_editor
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    Having  basic ideas of how I am going to describe new features explained, I can proceed with some real (and I hope useful) content. As I read this page about new features from top to bottom, let's start with security improvements...

    .mylogin.cnf and mysql_config_editor



    • you can store authentication credentials encrypted in an option file named .mylogin.cnf (in user's home directory or in %APPDATA%\MySQL on Windows)
    • password is no longer stored in plain text (like in .my.cnf) and still is not exposed in

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    More details on "MySQL 5.6 Experiences" coming soon...
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    I've already shared my presentation few hours before I made it during PLMCE 2013, back on April 24. The idea behind the presentation was simple (and I think that any MySQL user who is planning to upgrade to MySQL 5.6.x in production should do something like this): let's read the "What Is New in MySQL 5.6" manual page and check new features one by one.

    This is what I am going to do with the content of that manual page in the upcoming blog posts (and what was done as background work for the presentation):
    • Remove extra details and add references to each major

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    Presenting at the MySQL UG NL Meetup Q2
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    Next Friday (31st of May) the second MySQL Meetup User Group NL of this year will be hosted by Snow IT in Geldermalsen. It is great to see that various companies are hosting the meetup and that the diversity and number of people attending is increasing. In total three presentations will be given: Choosing the […]

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    New MySQL 5.6 Replication Features
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    Download PDF Presentation

    There is a long list of new replication features in the latest MySQL 5.6 release including:

    • Binary log group commit
    • Multi-threaded slaves
    • Crash-save slaves
    • Global Transaction Identifier (GTID)
    • Replication checksums
    • Optimized row-based replication
    • Time-delayed replication
    • Remote binary log backup
    • UUID

    This presentation from the MySQL Tech Tour events in New York and Boston provides an overview and syntax examples of many of these features. The Effective MySQL: Replication Techniques in Depth also

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    MySQL 5.6 features for NoSQL, Big Data and the Cloud
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    Download PDF Presentation

    At the recent MySQL Tech Tour Events in New York and Boston I gave a presentation on MySQL integration with NoSQL,Big Data and the Cloud.

    This covered discussion on topics including:

    • Memcached API for InnoDB
    • InnoDB Online Alter
    • InnoDB Full Text Search (FTS)
    • Partitioning inprovements for import/export
    • SSD Optimisations
    • Replication Improvements
    • And much more …
    Secrets of mysqlnd Presentation
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    Download PDF Presentation

    At the recent New York PHP Group in New York, I gave a presentation on “Secrets of mysqlnd”. While there are no real “secrets” of the new MySQL Native Driver for PHP, available in PHP 5.3, and the default for PHP 5.4+ replacing libmysqlclient, there are new features of the driver many are unaware of. If you have ever had to fight the gods with compiling a particular version of PHP with the right libmysqlclient dependency, the good news is that legacy requirement is no longer necessary.

    Some of the topics discussed in detail

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    Lessons learned managing large AWS Environments
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    Download PDF Presentation

    At the recent AWS Meetup group in New York, I gave a presentation on “Lessons learned managing large AWS Environments”.

    This included my experiences in managing and optimizing AWS costs, CLI automation for web scale (my work at GitHub), knowing about and improving security, what is important monitoring and dealing with failure.

    Webinar: Avoiding common traps when designing a MySQL application
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    On January 16th at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern, I will give a webinar about the main traps that are awaiting you when designing and building a stable and high-performance MySQL application.

    I will discuss a broad range of topics, from hardware and backups to instrumentation and indexing. I often see during my consulting practice wrong configuration putting data at risk or huge wastes of money to buy powerful hardware where a few indexes could have done the same result.

    So if you think your MySQL servers are not in an optimal state, I invite you to sign up on this page (follow the “Register” link).

    See you next week!

    The post

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    Managing 500+ MySQL servers in the AWS cloud
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    Download PDF Presentation

    This presentation discusses the lessons learned about the issues of managing a large number of MySQL instances, Including experiences from multiple clients including supporting one billion+ requests statements per day (and 50+ billion SQL statements), and smaller users of LAMP stack, Microsoft stack and RDS configurations. Topics include:

    • Monitoring and instrumentation are essential to manage cost
    • Cost saving techniques
    • How to automate installations, upgrades and deployments
    • Traffic minimization techniques
    • Creating HA with regions and

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    Upcoming speaking engagements: Oracle OpenWorld, DOAG Conference
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    It's that time of the year again — the summer holidays are over and the conference season starts!

    I'm very excited to be at Oracle Open World in San Francisco again, where I will pretty busy. On Saturday and Sunday I will attend MySQL Connect, primarily to man the Oracle Linux booth in the exhibition area. But I hope to catch some of the talks as well (I shared my favourite sessions with Keith Larson from the MySQL team in this interview). During Open World, I will help out manning the Oracle Linux demo pods in the exhibition grounds in Moscone South, where we will showcase Oracle Linux with Ksplice and related

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    Thursday’s Emerging Business Technology Meetup in Boston
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    I’ll be presenting TokuDB at the Emerging Business Technology Meetup in Boston this Thursday night at 6pm at 290 Congress St (near South Station).  The meeting topic is “NewSQL: SQL Technologies Keeping NoSQL Promises” and also includes presentations from Akiban and VoltDB.  Each of us will be highlighting our technology and use-cases, with a panel discussion and open Q&A to follow.

    This is a well attended group with 102 currently registered for the meeting and room for 48 more.  If you

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    How to run a flawless technical demo
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    Why demos?

    For as long as I can remember in my public speaking activities, I have always planned my presentations with some sort of live demo in it. I am always surprised when a conference venue asks me to provide my slides in advance, to be loaded in an anonymous computer with no chance of demos. I always turn down such offers, as I always want to provide a demo.

    There have been times when technical or time constraints prevented me from demoing something, and in these cases I felt that the presentation was lacking a vital part. But I always try. I have even given demos during lightning talks, and those were the ones that made me feel really good.

    I have given hundreds of presentations, and hundreds of demos, and as in every human activity, I have made plenty of mistakes. I believe I have learned some valuable lesson from my mistakes, and this

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    LAMP Performance Optimizations – Volume 1
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    Download PDF Presentation

    Get a detailed introduction to the very broad topic of end-to-end performance optimization in web applications based on LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

    Short Url: http://j.mp/EM-LAMP-opt
    Presenter: Ronald Bradford

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    MySQL Idiosyncrasies That Bite
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    Download PDF Presentation

    While MySQL is a popular and widely used database product, there are some default features and settings which can be foreign in comparison with other commercial RDBMS products such as Oracle. In this discussion, Ronald Bradford will discuss some of the MySQL defaults that are not what you may expect. These include understanding the concept of storage engines, and the default non-transactional state, how silent data truncations occur which affect your data, ideal practices for date management, and the MySQL transaction isolation options. These are all critical to clearly understand and implement correctly for data integrity

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    Explaining the MySQL EXPLAIN
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    Download PDF Presentation

    Determining the Query Execution Plan (QEP) of an SQL statement is the primary analysis tool for DBAs. Understanding how to interpret the information from the EXPLAIN command and what additional commands and tools exist to add supplementary information are essential skills that will be used daily in production operations.

    The MySQL EXPLAIN QEP is significantly different from an Oracle QEP and Oracle DBAs need to understand and learn the most appropriate way to understand and navigate this information to effective performance tune a running MySQL

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    21st century presentation technology at Percona Live
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    After 15 years of slide show technology, I thought that we need to change the way we do presentations. And since I am advocating radical changes, I will eat my own dog food and be the first to present a MySQL session using 3D technology.

    Since watching Avatar a few years ago, I thought that using this technology would make my presentations truly amazing. However, two years ago a 3d projector was prohibitively expensive. Now, instead, it is affordable, and fits in my briefcase!

    What I needed, though, was a compelling reason for using 3d vs. traditional presentations. And I found it. As I have mentioned recently, I am working with the coolest replication technology on earth. Explaining this technology

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    Colorado MySQL Users Group Presentation
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    In addition to speaking at RMOUG event in Denver, I also spoke today in Broomfield on “Improving MySQL Performance with Better Indexes”.

    This presentation included details on :

    • Effective examples of capture SQL via application logging and TCP/IP analysis necessary for identifying the best candidates. Slow is not always the best query to start with.
    • All the commands necessary to identify why you may need an index, how to create varying types of indexes, and how to confirm there true effectiveness.
    • How the number of table rows and different storage engines can greatly effect the optimization choice and query performance
    • The presentation shows how to determine/create and verify covering indexes for a single table example, a
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    MySQL Security Essentials
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    Download PDF Presentation

    Default MySQL security sucks. There is no super user privilege protection, or tight filesystem security. What are the essentials for any initial MySQL installation? What is the minimum an Oracle DBA should understand and undertake for a neglected MySQL system? The MySQL privilege system provides several levels of data protection when implemented correctly, however this is rarely used. The most common user permission implementation creates several security and auditing risks? What are your MySQL user permissions, and how can developers exploit them? There are ways to secure communications within a MySQL topology, approaches

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    MySQL Security Essentials Presentation
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    Today at the RMOUG Training Days 2012 event I gave an introduction presentation on MySQL Security Essentials covering the following topics:

    • MySQL Security defaults
    • MySQL Security Improvements
    • OS Security
    • User Privileges
    • Data Integrity
    • Installation Practices
    • Auditing Options
    • Better Security
    • Further References

    Download slides for MySQL Security Essentials.

    Slides of my talk on B+Tree Indexes and InnoDB
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    The slides of my talk on B+Tree Indexes and InnoDB are now available for download. This slide was presented during Percona Live London 2011. You can download the slides from here.
    There are many other interesting and informative talks that were presented during Percona Live London 2011, and I think you should definitely check them out, if you haven't. They are available here.

    The post Slides of my talk on B+Tree Indexes and InnoDB appeared first on ovais.tariq.

    Better MySQL Security and Administration
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    Download PDF Presentation

    With the recent cyber attacks and breaches with data from large organizations including Sony, is your MySQL data safe? What are the best practices for securing and administering your MySQL environment? In this presentation we will cover the essential steps for better MySQL security. We will also cover the different installation and administration tasks necessary to ensure your data is managed.

    Presenter: Ronald Bradford
    Schedule: Insight Out DB Showcase. October 2011 Tokyo, Japan

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