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MySQL University: New replication features in MySQL 5.1 and 6.0
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This Thursday (May 28th, 14:00 UTC), Lars Thalmann will give a MySQL University session on MySQL Replication: Walk-through of the new 5.1 and 6.0 features. (This session was originally scheduled for May 7th, but had to be put off due to technical problems. Apologies.) Lars is leading the replication and backup teams at MySQL, so this is one of the best opportunities to ask whatever questions you might have about new replication features in MySQL.

For MySQL University sessions, point your browser to this page.

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MySQL Community on the road
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The MySQL community team has a new manager for North America. Dups and Giuseppe will be touring the East Coast to speak at several meeetups and attend the OpenSQLCamp.

Nov 10 - Boston, MA
Nov 11-12 - New York, NY
Nov 13 - Baltimore, MD
Nov 14-16 - Charlottesville, VA

Thoughts on Google Chrome
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So Google Chrome – Google's attempt at an open source browser, came out yesterday and I took it out for a spin. At its heart is the Webkit engine (also open source) and Google Gears, powered by SQLite (can MySQL rival SQLite in applications like this?). Here are my thoughts.

  • Fast – Chrome loads extremely fast, blazing even. Granted, my Firefox would probably load fast if I didn't have any addons as well. Sites like
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Moving From Perl 5 to Perl 6 – What's New, Tutorial Style
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Newsflash: Perl 6 is not dead (in case you thought it was)!

I stumbled upon this most excellent series of posts by Moritz Lenz of that describe the differences between Perl 5 and the upcoming Perl 6 (thanks to Andy Lester for the link). The posts are done in the form of tutorials, which helps comprehension. Simply awesome, Moritz.

It seems like Perl 6 is going to be a lot more object oriented, but such orientation is optional and not forced upon programmers, like in, say, Java. It warms my heart

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Top 10 Reasons Why Digsby ROCKS
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If you haven't heard of Digsby yet, you have probably been living in some kind of a virtual cave or have no friends. Digsby is a multi-network instant messenger application, similar to Trillian, Pidgin (GAIM), or Miranda. I said 'similar', so what makes Digsy special? Reviews I read so far don't give the real reasons and don't dive into the features in depth. Instead, you get a standard load of marketing BS and in the end to you, the user, Digsby may end up being "yet another IM program." Some reviews describe certain features, but so far I haven't seen one that highlighted THE MAIN REASON why Digsby is different. And may I preface it with: finally somebody got a clue. I never before wanted to write about any other IM client,

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