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Pythian speaking in the UK
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If you’re like me and are a DBA in the UK with a penchant for MySQL or Oracle, you’ll know we have a smörgåsbord of conferences here next week. We’ve been waiting, and like buses two have come at once. We have the UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012, in Birmingham on 3rd – 5th [...]
Up up and up
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Andrew Moore and Ben Mildren return from Ottawa to Bristol to London all in the name of MySQL
Amazon RDS – prime time? Time will tell
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A client of ours is just getting started with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and I wonder as time marches on how popular this cloud solution is going to play out for them and Amazon as a valid/useable service offering. Many times in the past we have encountered off-the-shelf solutions from vendor A based on [...]
MySQL Oracle Connect 2012: Day Two
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Another good day today: I attended the keynotes and found them quite interesting.

I especially liked the way Twitter uses MySQL to build up a NoSQL solution. Jokes aside, I took a few notes on things I must analyze and dig in.

The introduction of the Paypal models seemed very interesting, which brought me to attend the presentation later on. It was well constructed and had some good theoretical work, but I was quite disappointed. I found the presentation incomplete and missing real numbers for the MySQL Cluster NDB setup.

I attended the presentation done by Ronald B. It was good — nothing really advanced, but it was on purpose. He was very informative and explanatory for a junior MySQL DBA, and I enjoyed his presentation for the logical approach and construction.

Ronald also highlighted that it was the content of less then a chapter of one of his books and was done on purpose to

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MySQL Oracle Connect 2012: Day One
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I attend five sessions today, and I think that some of them were very interesting, like the one on the Optimizer insight. It was quite informative and accurate.

Another one, done by the MySQL Cluster (NDB) group on the installer and new Javascript API interface, left me a little bit…foggy. Why? Because in my mind, one of the most important things to accomplish in NDB is the correct dimensioning of the memory, buffers, possible operation, attributes, and so on. All these things should come from the schema definition review and from the application analysis.

Now given the review analysis of the schema is still not present in the installer, I think that we missed a very important piece of information. When I raised the issue, Bernd mentioned that they were thinking of integrating that as well. It’s a good move, and I hope to see it soon. About the

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MySQL Oracle Connect 2012 Keynotes
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I’m excited to be here not only to catch up with old friends and ex-colleagues, but also to witness what seems to be the start of a very significant conference from MySQL.

I really enjoyed the introductions done by Edward Screven and Thomas Ulin. Edward highlighted the fact that MySQL is increasing its presence in the market and in the community. This could be thanks to the unbelievable effort done by Oracle in keeping its production cycle on target. Thomas stressed that point and gave a great description of it. He demonstrated Oracle’s main focus points, which are mainly on InnoDB, with implementation and enhancement of the internal contentions, then on Optimizer improvements and NoSQL integration.

Replication remains a pending issue from my side because if we have the global transaction ID, we still suffer from delay in replication given that parallel

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Pythian at OOW12
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Every time I have had the pleasure of attending Oracle Open World, I have discovered a plethora of technical heavy-weights from all over the world in attendance. I enjoy meeting and shmoozing with these people almost as much as absorbing the technical content of the show itself. Many of my Pythian colleagues are presenting at [...]
Some Nostalgic Reminiscences in Honor of Pythian’s 15th
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In honor of our fifteenth anniversary, I have assembled a few nostalgic items from our earliest years in business.

On September 7, 1997 I went to the Ottawa U public library to come up with some names for the company Steve Pickard and I wanted to found the next morning. The goal was to choose the company name, register the dot-com, and then go incorporate it. I really felt that I lucked out when I discovered the word Pythian, which means “about the Pythia“. The Pythia was the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece. (Remember that we launched as an Oracle ecosystem services company, and our other practices came afterwards with MySQL launching in 2002 and SQL Server launching in 2005).

I was also delighted that the Pythian Games were also

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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – Bloggers Meetup
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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 is just over a month away, and yes, we are organizing the Annual Oracle Bloggers Meetup — one of your top favorite events of OpenWorld.

What: Oracle Bloggers Meetup 2012

When: Wed, 3-Oct-2012, 5:30pm

Where: Main Dining Room, Jillian’s Billiards @ Metreon, 101 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (

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A Few Thoughts on OSCon and the Open Source Community
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This past week I attended OSCon, the annual conference for open source’s true believers. And there was a religious fervor in the air, particularly from the point of view of someone more accustomed to Oracle conferences.

And if open source is the religion, proprietary closed-source companies are the devil. That having been said, I was surprised how virtually all large companies were demonized. Even long-time defenders of open source like IBM were ignored at best. That didn’t prevent them from coming though, with Microsoft and HP in particular with high-profile sponsorships and PR offensives that didn’t seem to have much influence with the crowd.

The companies generating buzz were the small companies built around development of their own open source products. There are a surprising number of them out

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First MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Latin America conference
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This last week was the first time we have this kind event here in Argentina, of course this is a great initiative and a good starting point for next events. My impressions: being the first time that these kind of conferences were done in Argentina I have to say it was great, small but great. [...]
MySQL News – June 5
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Stalls During DDLFaster DROP TABLE Courtesy of the InnoDB Team

Mark Callaghan mentioned a simple issue on DDL operation. I found the back porting interesting, but not always a possible option. I have nothing to comment on top of what was already stated there, but I’ll mention it because it is interesting to read.

Why do threads sometimes stay in ‘killed’ state in MySQL?

Customers often ask me (and I believe all MySQL DBAs can relate): “Why did that query remain in a KILL state and does not go away?”

As we know, KILLed queries remain in MySQL until a clean up takes place, given that the action

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MySQL News (May 10, 2012)
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This week has been rather calm.

I was busy with day-to-day work but had some spare time to use on simple implementations and tests. My work was related to Tablespace management in 5.6 and Table partition EXCHANGE. You can read the articles here.

I have also started to dig a little bit more in the details of Mongo’s architecture, given the need to have it properly reviewed and implemented in parallel with MySQL installations. As for news and reviews, I was interested in a couple of articles:

Interesting article from Vadim about SSD. This is more of a suggested reading then one I can comment on.

What really makes me unhappy was the

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Some Fun with MySQL’s History List
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Why this article?

First of all, because I had fun digging in the code.

Then, I was reading a lot about the improvements we will have in MySQL 5.6 and about some already present in 5.5. Most of them are well covered by people that certainly know more than me, so I read and read, but after a while became curious. I began reading the code and performing tests. I started to compare versions, like 5.1 – 5.5. – 5.6. One of the things I was looking for was how the new Purge thread mechanism works and what were its implications. I have to say that it seems to work better than the previous versions, and the Dimitry blog (see reference) seems to confirm that.

So again, why the article? Because I think there are some traps here and there, and I feel the need to write about them. The worse behavior is with MySQL 5.5. This is because in 5.5 we have an

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MySQL bi-weekly news 04/26/2012
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Following a brief list of what I have found more interesting during the last two weeks. Up to now, April has being a great month for MySQL. MySQL Conference  – Percona conference 2012 The Percona MySQL 2012 conference, has seen the MySQL community, interact as it was doing many years ago, re-creating the dynamic and creative [...]
YACR! (Yet another conference review!)
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The journey to the Hotel in Santa Clara took me something like 16 hours. It was long, arduous and at times despairing, but was it worth it? Absolutely! I made the epic journey with my Pythian (and former Nokia) colleague Andrew Moore, and once at the conference we met up with more members of our [...]
MySQLboy @ MySQL Conf 2012 [part 1/2]
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MySQLBoy attends the annual MySQL Conference and Expo host by Percona. [part 1 of 2]
Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012 – Day 1 Review
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Day 1 is the first official day of the Percona Live MySQL Conference. It began with two mini keynotes by Peter Zaitev and Baron Schwarz of Percona talking about the history of MySQL and his beginnings in the open source movement, respectively. It was very nostalgic, and I’m sure it brought a tear to a few people’s eyes.

Following the dynamic duo was full keynotes by Mårten Mickos (Eucalyptus Systems) on “Making LAMP a Cloud” and Brian Aker (HP) on “The New MySQL Cloud Ecosystem”. To be honest, I found the full keynotes to be quite disappointing. For me, the keynotes speeches should be about a topic that is visionary or notable in some way. What I got from the keynotes were:  MySQL is good, MySQL is growing, let me show you my product around MySQL, and buy/use my product. They felt far more like glorified sales pitches.


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Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012 – Day 0 Review
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Day 0 of the MySQL Conference was a day unlike any other day. It was, in fact, tutorial day. While regular days of the Percona Live MySQL Conference feature 50 minute sessions, usually split into a 40 minute talk and a 5-10 minute question period, tutorials are 3-hour-long sessions (with a generous 10 minute break in the middle for those that wish to go to the WC) that provide an in-depth dive into some aspect of MySQL. Due to the length of the tutorials, they are more in-depth and technical than individual sessions can be, but at the same time, we are limited to 2 tutorials slots per day instead of the 5 for sessions. The tutorial schedule for the conference is located here, and with so many good ones, it was hard to choose which one(s) to go to. For the morning session, I attended  [Read more...]
My Second day at MySQL Conference 2012 – third session
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MySQL Cluster Performance Tuning ——————————————- In this session we will look at different tuning aspects of MySQL Cluster. As well as going through performance tuning basics in MySQL Cluster, we will look closely at the new parameters and status variables of MySQL Cluster 7.2 to determine issues with e.g disk data performance and query (join) [...]
My Second day at MySQL Conference 2012 – first session
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Using and benchmarking Galera in different architectures ———————————————————- What I was interested most during the second day was again, synchronous replication and Replication solutions provide from Continuent. The first I attend in the day was the Galera one, done Henrik and Alexey. The presentation was going to talk about: “We will present results from benchmarking [...]
Percona Live MySQL Conference Presentation
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Here are the slides from my presentation “From Requirements to Partitioning and Sharding and Everything in Between”. A big thanks to all the attendees for their interest and questions. I got a lot of questions, and the audience was definitely very engaged!


Security Around MySQL @ Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012
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In about 4 hours at 2PM PDT, I’ll be giving my talk “Security Around MySQL” at Ballroom A at the Percona Live MySQL Conference 2012. It’s a summary and guide of practical and easy-to-implement security tips around MySQL and the application. These tips were all gleamed from my years at start-ups (some of which I worked on and some which I founded) and from my experience at Pythian.

The details are here:  http://www.percona.com/live/mysql-conference-2012/sessions/security-around-mysql.

MySQL Conference 2012 – keynotes on day 2 (2)
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Mark Callaghan of Facebook: “What Comes Next for MySQL”

  • focus on large, sharded deployments
  • interesting numbers from their deployment (MySQL with Innodb): 60M QPS and 1.5B rows read/second in production

MySQL with InnoDB is “web scale”

  • scaled to 10x more data on the same servers:
    • Start with MySQL 5.1, flashcache, find and fix stalls, use multi-threaded purge from Percona, ask the db-ops team to deploy a lot of changes, use OSC (Online Schema Change) to add many covering indexes, use Faker from Percona+Facebook to fix replication lag, and make InnoDB compression good for OLTP.

“MySQL has made amazing progress”

  • InnoDB multi-core performance is impressive. (Yes, it’s finally overcome that early limitation!)
  • Replication is
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MySQL Conference 2012 – Keynotes on Day 2 (1)
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Yesterday was an exciting and busy day – lots of good talks, conversations, and beer! Let me take you back to the morning sessions and the first keynotes of the day, Sam Ghods of Box: “MySQL: Still the Best Choice for Mission-Critical Data”.

This is the usual story of a (file sharing) application that started out on one MySQL instance to store metadata and ran into scaling bottlenecks. Interestingly, NoSQL did not work out for them, and they ended up sharding MySQL. “If you use a NoSQL store, but need any advanced features in your data store, you end up building them yourself. If you’re willing to partition your data yourself, you can use MySQL’s fancy features.”

Now, onto specific MySQL features that Box uses, not directly provided by NoSQL:

  • Inter-row Consistency (aka Unique Key) ensures unique filenames in
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MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (3)
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And lastly, from none other than The Brian Aker, a keynote on The New MySQL Cloud Ecosystem. He was formerly the Director of Architecture for MySQL and also the creator of Drizzle. He is currently a fellow at HP, leading their cloud architecture group.

He began with a little history on MySQL of course. The drivers as seen by Brian over the years: initially “Batteries Included” or embedded into a product, to “Enterprise” or feature-creep, market-parity, stored-procedures… And of course, the GPL license, which caused no end of confusion in the marketplace.

Now onto DBAs (or the lack thereof!), again something we can all relate to. Yes, Pythian is also always looking for good MySQL DBAS. Continuing on, however, there are no more distribution/GPL concerns as MySQL is provided as a service in the

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MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (2)
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The next keynote is from Marten Mickos, now with Eucalyptus systems, previously CEO of MySQL AB. He talked about making LAMP a Cloud. No surprises there: Eucalyptus is the leading open-source cloud computing platforms for on-premise use.

We were treated with a brief history of MySQL, the first MySQL conference in 2003, Eucalyptus, and how the two tie together. It is true that MySQL has been the most common database platform in the cloud. Certainly, the other big databases are lagging when it comes to adoption and deployment in the cloud. One comment from Marten that resonates with us at Pythian and others in the MySQL services business – Oracle definitely needs to build out the partner ecosystem around MySQL.

There were some good insights from Marten on how the database and software paradigm has evolved from scale-up to scale-out, from closed-source to

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MySQL Conference 2012 – The Keynotes (1)
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Here it is finally: The MySQL conference 2012 starts with the Keynote Sessions.

The first keynote speech was by Peter Zaitsev, founder of Percona and a very smart guy, and by Baron Schwartz (Percona), another very smart guy, the brain behind a number of toolkits for MySQL. They’re talking about the MySQL Evolution – what I alluded to in my first post regarding this conference – the ways in which MySQL has grown, evolved, scaled and continues to make new inroads into new applications and industries.

From Peter: “What is most important hasn’t changed – MySQL is still a great piece of technology and it is evolving very rapidly.” (Love that quote!) Also “MySQL is also buzzword compatible: NoSQL, BigData.”

From Baron: He talked about his

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MySQL Conference 2012 Day 0
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Wow! A lot has changed since the last MySQL conference I blogged about in 2007.

MySQL has been acquired twice: once as MySQL by Sun and the second time around bundled with Sun when Oracle bought Sun. The conference is no longer organized by O’Reilly but by Percona. And the MySQL database itself has changed — we were talking about new features in MySQL 5.1, which wasn’t released yet, along with Falcon (where did it go?). 5.1 has long since been released as has 5.5, and we’re now talking about 5.6 instead of 6.0. There was no “Cloud” on the horizon, nor was there MariaDB, XtraDB, Drizzle, Schooner, or any of the other offshoots of MySQL, all of which are creating a new buzz around the product.

Yet, one thing remains constant: the vibrant community around MySQL.

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Announcement: Release 1.1.2 of MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g/11g
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This release is just a quick bug fix release of an older 1.1.1 version of the plug-in. It’s long overdue but I’ve managed to fix “” problem only couple weeks ago. I’ve distributed the new version to the folks who have reached out to me by email of via blog reporting the issue in the [...]
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