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Some More Replication Stuff

Listening to the OurSQL podcast: Repli-cans and Repli-can’ts got me thinking, what are the issues with MySQL replication that Sarah and Sheeri didn’t have the time to include in their episode. Here’s my list:
Replication Capacity Index This is a concept introduced by Percona in last year’s post: Estimating Replication Capacity which I revisited briefly during my presentation at this year’s MySQL Users Conference. Why is this important? Very …

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A Replication Surprise

While working on a deployment we came across a nasty surprise. In hindsight it was avoidable, but it never crossed our minds it could happen. I'll share the experience so when you face a similar situation, you'll know what to expect.
ScenarioTo deploy the changes, we used a pair of servers configured to replicate with each other (master-master replication). There are many articles that describe how to perform an ALTER TABLE with minimum or no downtime using MySQL replication. The simple explanation is:

  1. Set up a passive master of the database you want to modify the schema. 
  2. Run the schema updates on the passive master.
  3. Let replication to catch up once the schema modifications are done.
  4. Promote the passive master as the new active master.

The details to make this work will depend on each individual situation and are too extensive for the purpose of this article. A …

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