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InnoDB In a Complete Locked Mode

Today morning, we had a weird issue in one of the staging OLAP server (ETL); where all the InnoDB threads were locked and waiting on a signal condition for about[...]

Tuning InnoDB Concurrency Tickets

InnoDB has an oft-unused parameter innodb_concurrency_tickets that seems widely misunderstood. From the docs: "The number of threads that can enter InnoDB concurrently is determined by the innodb_thread_concurrency variable. A thread is placed in a queue when it tries to enter InnoDB if the number of threads has already reached the concurrency limit. When a thread is allowed to enter InnoDB, it is given a number of “free tickets” equal to the value of innodb_concurrency_tickets, and the thread can enter and leave InnoDB freely until it has used up its tickets. After that point, the thread again becomes subject to the concurrency check (and possible queuing) the next time it tries to enter InnoDB. The default value is 500..."

What this means from a practical perspective is that each query is allocated 500 tickets when it begins executing. Each time it enters InnoDB, this number is decremented until it reaches zero ("entering InnoDB" …

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