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Medium Cross-post – CodeIgniter 4 CRUD: Read

Storing data is but one part of many in application development. Once data is stored, interested parties will likely want to see it. This is the Read aspect of CRUD – reading (or viewing) the data. Continue reading and see examples using CodeIgniter 4 built-in Model methods…


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In part 1 of this series, CodeIgniter 4 CRUD with MySQL: Create, I used the Model insert() method to store new rows of data. Now that the data is present in the table, we want to see that data.

There are 2 built-in Model …

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Medium Cross-post: CodeIgniter 4 CRUD – Create

I’m studying and beginning to use CodeIgniter 4 in ‘real-world‘ projects and want to share what I learn, as I pick up on concepts of the framework. I’m posting a series of CRUD-related posts over on Medium and resharing them here for any readers who are interested…

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MySQL Aggregate Query using CodeIgniter’s Query Builder

CodeIgniter’s Query Builder ORM has class methods for nearly any kind of database access/operation you can think of. In this post, I’ll cover some of the available methods for retrieving aggregate-level query results. The examples in this post map out Query Builder method chaining to produce results you would get from a raw MySQL query. Continue reading to see more…

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Testing APIs in CodeIgniter 2.x using phpunit and Guzzle Http client

Sometimes we have apis implemented in our application and there are different levels at which these can be tested.

1. Unit tested at model level to check the logic is working fine
2. Tested at API call level to ascertain whether all the apis as expected are working and are returning data as expected.

Today, we will be learning how to test APIs in CodeIgniter 2.x version using phpunit and Guzzle Http client.

Basically Guzzle Http client is a client used to make http client requests.


"Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client that makes it easy to send HTTP …

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Session logout fix with CodeIgniter framework when dealing with ajax requests and iframes in SPA applications

Recently, we had an issue in our application which is a single page application(SPA). We have all the functionality in a single page and most of the data and view changes happen through ajax requests and iframe page displays.We are using CodeIgniter framework for this application. So sometimes what happened was the user was logged out while accessing the application and this occurred once a while for 1 or 2 users, not a reproducible case one would say.Before starting on the case, I would like to specify the steps which CodeIgniter takes for checking session for any request.Steps:
1. Read session cookie sent from browser.
2. Read session cookie process proceeds with below step checks (If any one step fails below, it results in create one session cookie)
2a. Checks if session cookie is present
2b. Checks if it is a valid session cookie by using it's decryption algorithm check
2c. If  valid session, then check if …

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Kontrollcomm – remote database and system command execution webapp

I’m pleased to announce the first release of Kontrollcomm – “The Server Command Automation Interface” is a web-based application that automates remote command execution on linux and unix based servers. There are three main areas of the application: Hosts, Templates, and Commands. The use is very simple: all of your hosts are setup in the [...]

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