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The Myth About Slow SQL JOIN Operations

In my recent SQL work for a large Swiss bank, I have maintained nested database view monsters whose unnested SQL code amounted up to 5k lines of code, joining the same table over and over again in separate subselects combined via UNION operations. This monster performed in way under 50ms, no matter how we queried … Continue reading The Myth About Slow SQL JOIN Operations →

MySQL and PostgresSQL jobs on the Rise, Oracle job postings decline

This tweet from former MySQL AB CEO Mårten Mickos caught my eye. It shows a trend of increased demand for MySQL and PostgresSQL expertise while job postings on job websites for  those with Oracle and Ingres expertise declined.

I was a little shocked by the graph until you realize it’s just a trend. I then looked at the absolute number of jobs requesting database expertise and the story quickly becomes clear….

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