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O’Reilly MySQL Conference Awards 2010

The O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010 is over. I hope all of you had a good time. I have plenty of blog posts and thoughts lined up about this, but first, I’d like to point out something that has become a tradition, that was continued in 2010: the O’Reilly MySQL Conference Community Award Winners.

Tim O’Reilly was kind enough to hand out the awards this year. In case people were wondering, the awards were pewter wine goblets from Royal Selangor.

Selection of the award winners happened via voting from the alumni of winners, and was all done in a rather short period of time. Kudos to the entire team that voted. Now …

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MySQL Conference Updates – The day before

‘Tis the day before the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010. You can still register onsite.

This one is long, and is divided into: Keynote Additions, Open Space, The Tweetup, and Videos/Live streaming of keynotes.

Keynote Additions
The earlier lineup was already excellent, and now we’ve filled it up more. In particular, let me draw attention to:

  1. Tuesday, 10.00-10.20am: MySQL at Facebook – Mark …
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MySQL Conference: Radar interview, “mini-tutorials”

A few notes about the MySQL Conference & Expo 2010.

  1. Check out the schedule. Its more packed than you can imagine. You’re going to want to be in many places at once, by the looks of it.
  2. O’Reilly Radar has an interview with Ronald Bradford: MySQL migration and risk management. You’ll get a teaser as to Ronald’s thoughts, and a bit of information about his two talks at the conference on migrating from Oracle to MySQL. He has swanky titles for them: Ignition and Liftoff! …
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MySQL Ecosystem – complementary talks at the conference?

Its times like this, I want to hear from the greater community – the ones that are reading say, Planet MySQL or Planet MariaDB.

MySQL to me, and many others is an ecosystem. We’ve had for the longest time, complementary technology talks, like for memcached (which have been popular, filled rooms). NoSQL is becoming quite popular, and there are complementary technologies sitting around. To get an idea, if terms like the following turn you on: Hadoop, Redis, Pig, NDB (yes, MySQL Cluster is largely NoSQL before NoSQL became popular), Tokyo Tyrant, StormCloud (formerly Waffle Grid).

Now, do you want to see these kinds of talks at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2010?

Check out the …

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MySQL Conference Update: Grid is up, go promote and register!

This is a quick update on the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010, happening April 12-15 2010 in Santa Clara.

  1. We’ve put up a preliminary schedule, and you can expect this to be fast moving/changing, as we confirm more talks. A tradeoff of this, is that you can now also see the sessions by track, which helps give you an overview of where the content really is.
  2. If you’re attending the conference, why not promote it? We have lots of badges and banners for attendees.
  3. If you’re a speaker, you sure want to fill that room up, so why not help promote the conference using the …
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Last chances to submit your MySQL Conference talk!

The O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010 will be closing the Call for Participation at the end of the 27th January 2010. You have less than 48-hours – so get submitting already.

Take a gander at some of the shortlisted presentations, look at all the amazing tutorials, and what’s keeping you waiting from registering?

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  1. MySQL Conference …
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o’reilly mysql conference & expo 2010

It is my pleasure to be your Program Chair, for the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2010, to be held April 12-15 2010, in Santa Clara, California.

It is of course, not something I embark on alone. I have a program committee, comprising of some amazing folk: Brian Aker, Kaj Arno, Roland Bouman, Sheeri K. Cabral, Robin Schumacher, Baron Schwartz, and Jeff Wiss.

I can highly encourage you to submit a proposal. You have till January 27, 2010, which basically means, less than a month, so get cracking! I also can highly recommend you to register as an attendee.

I’ll talk more about the processes, et …

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