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Vitess Schema Tracking

What is Schema Tracking? # In a distributed relational database system, like Vitess, a central component is responsible for serving queries across multiple shards. For Vitess, it is VTGate. One of the challenges this component faces is being aware of the underlying SQL schema being used. This awareness facilitates query planning. Table schemas are stored in MySQL’s information_schema, meaning that they are located in a VTTablet’s MySQL instance and not in VTGate.

New GPL suits and an open source imbalance

A new round of GPL-based BusyBox suits has been filed, targeting big names in electronics and IT. We’ve long covered these series of GPL-based suits and settlements, but this latest round comes at an interesting time for open source software and its licensing.

First, we have the backdrop of the Oracle-Sun-MySQL acquisition, with opponents arguing to the world and the European Commission, which is reviewing the proposed merger before approving it, in part that the GPL is, ironically, granting too much power to its user, in this case Oracle. I’ve been quoted in the press and honestly agree with …

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