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Speaking At The MySQL Users Conference

My proposal has been accepted, yay!

I'll be speaking on a topic that I feel passionate about: MySQL Server Diagnostics Beyond Monitoring. MySQL has limitations when it comes to monitoring and diagnosing as it has been widely documented in several blogs.

My goal is to share my experience from the last few years and, hopefully, learn from what others have done. If you have a pressing issue, feel free to comment on this blog and I'll do my best to include the case in my talk and/or post a reply if the time allows.

I will also be discussing my future plans on sarsql. I've been silent about this utility mostly because I've been implementing it actively at work. I'll post a road map shortly based on my latest experience.

I'm excited about meeting many old friends (and most now fellow MySQL alumni) …

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sar-sql Has A Wiki

Finally settled for a wiki for sar-sql using Ubuntu's own wiki. Right now it only has my regular installation procedure. I will enhance and keep adding items as my time allows. I hope it will help to shape the future of the script.

Enjoy it with responsibility.

PS: I use the Kubuntu format because it is my desktop of choice.

A Hard Look Into Replication For some time now I've been struggling with a slave that invariably stays behind its master. I have been looking at every detail I can possibly think and in the process discovered a number of replication details I wasn't aware until now. I haven't too much information about them in the documentation, but they can affect the way you look at your slaves.
Seconds Behind Master This is the first value that to look at when evaluating replication, most of the monitoring systems I know of rely on it. According to the manual:
When the slave SQL thread is actively running
(processing updates), this field is the number of
seconds that have elapsed since the timestamp of the
most recent event on the master executed by that thread.
In fast networks, most of the time, this is an accurate estimate of …

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sar-sql New Alpha Release

I just uploaded a new tarball for sar-sql containing a few bug fixes, overall code improvements. I also added options to get a partial snapshot of SHOW SLAVE STATUS and SHOW MASTER STATUS. I chose only a few columns to avoid over complicating the project.

I plan one more round of heavy code changes, but no new features until I can stabilize the code enough to release it as beta.

Feel free to visit the project page in Launchpad to comment on the Blueprints, report new bugs and participate through the Answers section.

Thank you very much to Patrick Galbraith who provided some ideas on the best way to solve some of the coding issues.

Enjoy the …

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