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Interactive Online Training for MySQL and MariaDB

Because interactivity with the trainer (our classes are not dry lectures) and discussions are an important and intrinsic part of our teaching approach, we’ve long tracked development of technologies for online training, but previously were not satisfied.

High costs of various corporate offerings would negatively impact our pricing, given the relatively small scale use and our purposely small classes. The student system requirements would often be problematic – obviously students use different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and we cannot prescribe that people use a particular OS.

Big Blue Button has long looked like it had the right potential, and it’s now developed to a point where were happy with it. For more tech and practical details, see our Interactive Online Training page.

After our successful trial runs, we have the following …

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Learn about MySQL with the Authentic MySQL for Beginners course

Learn about the MySQL Server and other MySQL products by taking the authentic MySQL for Beginners course. This course covers all the basics from MySQL download and installation, to relational database concepts and database design. This course is your first step to becoming a MySQL administrator.

You can take this course through one of the following delivery types:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start the class from your desk, at your base and within 24 hrs of registering. Read Ben Krug on Day 3 of his experience taking the MySQL for Beginners course Training-on-Demand option.
  • Live-Virtual Class: Attend this live class from your own office - no travel …
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New Open Query training days in Australia

The favourite Open Query course modules as well as reworked and brand new ones, with November/December 2009 dates for Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne listed below. You can register for days/modules individually, to suit your time, budget and current needs. Your trainers are Sean, Ray and Arjen (see OQ people).

For the Canberra and Melbourne days which are DBA/HA, registrations for all of the modules in a series before 15 October will receive a copy of the “High Performance MySQL” book (normal bookstore price is AUD 105).


  • Thu 5 Nov: MySQL High Availability – Strategy and Tools
  • Fri 6 Nov: MySQL Cluster …
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