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solidDB for MySQL 5.0.45-0077 is available


Solid has released 5.0.45-0077. New features include full support for prefix indexes and support for multiple NULLs on unique indexes. This release also has a number of bug fixes. For the full detailed list of bug fixes and enhancements, please see the ChangeLog. Check it out at

The Importance of Being Earnest

By now, word has gotten around that MySQL has made some more changes to their process around MySQL Community Server. The changes primarily focus on:

  • acceptance of community contributions (5.0 and 5.1 are now locked for contributions, so any contributions won’t be available until 5.2 or later)
  • release schedule of community server (”Mature GA”, meaning 5.0, will have approximately 4 source builds per year and 2 binary builds; new GA, meaning 5.1, will have a binary build once per month)

These refinements of the community server [process] are detailed in Kaj Arnö’s blog. Not everyone is happy about the new plan for acceptance of community contributions, because it means that community enhancements have to wait a long time to see the light of day. Jeremy Cole has talked about the frustrations that this causes and calls the …

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Managing Bugzilla Spam

Spammers continue to find new ways to do their business and new ways to cause frustration for those of us who administer software that fosters small, open communities. These communities are fragile and grow up in a delicate environment. The environment needs to remain open: self-registration, the ability to post content, and the option of remaining anonymous is the key to success. Unfortunately, it is also a ripe environment for spammers to abuse.

Spammers have now discovered that bugzilla is one of those environments. For those who don’t know, bugzilla is one of the most common open source bug tracking tools. It is used by many open source projects to allow the community to assist in reporting bugs on and enhancement ideas for each project. The original version of Bugzilla was first created at Netscape in the mid-nineties (back when I was working at Netscape). It was rewritten in …

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Solid is at OSCON

A few of us from Solid are up in Portland at OSCON. We’ll be showing off a new prototype of our high availability (HA) option for solidDB for MySQL. The HA option allows solidDB for MySQL to act in a hot-standby configuration where there is a primary and secondary server. The data in the primary is automatically synchronously replicated to the secondary. In the case that the primary fails, our HA Manager automatically performs a failover and the secondary server becomes the new primary. The secondary is also always available for read-only requests.

We’ll also be talking about DorsalSource, a community-focused Web site whose goal is to provide developers with easy access to builds of MySQL and related products. Come by booth 820 on Wednesday or Thursday if you want to hear more, …

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solidDB for MySQL 5.0.41-0073 is available

Solid has released 5.0.41-0073. This release has a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. For the full detailed list of bug fixes and enhancements, please see the ChangeLog.

This is the “collation” release! 5.0.41-0073 supports the UTF8 and UCS2 character sets. In particular, the following collations have been added: {utf8,ucs2}_{bin,general_ci,unicode_ci,swedish_ci}

There is also now full support for all collations in the latin1 character set.

Check it out at

DorsalSource has launched!

There has been some ongoing discussion since the end of last year about MySQL’s decision to change how often they release binaries for the MySQL Community Edition.

For those that haven’t been paying attention, at the end of last year MySQL decided that they will no longer commit to releasing binaries for all versions and platforms of their Community Edition. Instead, some versions of their Community Edition are labeled “source-only” releases. For example, 5.0.33 Community Edition was a source-only release.

People have realized that this means they will either wait longer between MySQL-released community binaries or else they need to build the binary themselves. Peter Zaitsev blogged at the time that he is hoping the community will establish trusted …

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Meet the Experts at MySQL UC

As folks on several MySQL blogs have already noted, Solid will be hosting informal “Meet the Experts” discussion sessions during lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday at the MySQL Users Conference. We at Solid are quite excited to engage with so many smart folks from the community. We’ve initially set the discussion topics to “Migrating from MySQL 4.0 to 5.0″ for Tuesday and “Replication in the Real World” for Wednesday. However, the format is open, so people are free to discuss any other interesting topics that come up.

In addition, Solid is allowing people to use the discussion space in their booth on a first-come, first-serve basis for their own discussions. If you have an interesting topic on which you would like to host a discussion, come on by our booth and sign up for a free timeslot.

Dhiren Patel is coordinating the Meet the Experts sessions, so if you have a question about it, stop by the Solid booth and he can …

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solidDB for MySQL 5.0.27-0064 has been released

Solid has released 5.0.27-0064. This release has a number of bug fixes and enhancements. For the full detailed list of bug fixes and enhancements, please see the ChangeLog.

Some highlights include:

  • Obtain version number. You can now see which version of solidDB for MySQL you are running with the “show status” command. In order to not break existing applications which rely on it, the version number of MySQL server on which solidDB for MySQL is built upon can still be determined by using the “select version()” function.
mysql> show status like 'solidDB_version';
| Variable_name   | Value …
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solidDB for MySQL 5.0.27-0059 has been released

Solid has released 5.0.27-0059. It is primarily a bug fixing release. You can get it from the usual place (

solidDB for MySQL 5.0.27-0058 has been released

Solid has released 5.0.27-0058, which is the first point release after our GA in December. It is primarily a bug fixing release. You can get it from the usual place (

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