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What does an opensource project need ?

besides a community ?

Some people think that apart from a community and users you also need an infrastructure to support these users.

Murray ignited the discussion by pointing us to the fact that PostgreSQL doesn't have a bugzilla to report an track issues.

Different projects have different approaches. Both the kernel, Drupal and MySQL have build their own infrastructure. Others choose Sourceforge for their projects.

What's your approach ?

Managing Bugzilla Spam

Spammers continue to find new ways to do their business and new ways to cause frustration for those of us who administer software that fosters small, open communities. These communities are fragile and grow up in a delicate environment. The environment needs to remain open: self-registration, the ability to post content, and the option of remaining anonymous is the key to success. Unfortunately, it is also a ripe environment for spammers to abuse.

Spammers have now discovered that bugzilla is one of those environments. For those who don’t know, bugzilla is one of the most common open source bug tracking tools. It is used by many open source projects to allow the community to assist in reporting bugs on and enhancement ideas for each project. The original version of Bugzilla was first created at Netscape in the mid-nineties (back when I was working at Netscape). It was rewritten in …

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