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ActiveMQ + Ruby Stomp Client: How to process elements one by one

Few months ago I’ve switched one of our internal projects from doing synchronous database saves of analytics data to an asynchronous processing using starling + a pool of workers. This was the day when I really understood the power of specialized queue servers. I was using database (mostly, MySQL) for this kind of tasks for years and sometimes (especially under a highly concurrent load) it worked not so fast… Few times I worked with some queue servers, but those were either some small tasks or I didn’t have a time to really get the idea, that specialized queue servers were created just to do these tasks quickly and efficiently.

All this time (few months now) I was using starling noticed really bad thing in how it works: if workers die (really die, or lock on something for a long time, or just start lagging) …

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django - signals

continuing the recent thread about contenttypes in django I thought I would talk about a feature which got added in the magic removal branch, which doesn’t have as much attention as I think it deserves.

signals and the dispatcher.

signals are way of telling the rest of the world that something happened. If you are interested you simply listen for it (connect in django speak).

take for example my tagging application currently in use on zyons. one of it’s features is that it let’s users store their own tags.

One of the performance improvements I added to this was the creation of a ‘summary’ tag which aggregates which the …

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