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Worldwide Multimaster Cluster Administration Using Tungsten Dashboard

Continuent Clustering support true distributed multimaster clustering. In this topology, there are cross-site replicator services for each remote site. In a 3-site configuration, there are a total of 9 replication streams to manage.

Continuent Clustering also offers a graphical administration tool called the Tungsten Dashboard to help with your management burden. The GUI makes the deployment much easier to visualize and administer.

For our example, we will have a Composite Multimaster dataservice called global with three active, writable member clusters (one per site), east, west and north.

Dashboard Summary View

In the summary, collapsed view, the composite service and all member clusters are listed with associated information and controls. Note that the Type for the composite dataservice global is CompMM

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New stats charts

If you’ve looked at your blog stats today, you might have noticed the charts look a little different. We’ve replaced the old proprietary chart object with Open Flash Chart, an open source alternative.  Charts now look like this:

(Though I can’t guarantee you’ll see numbers like that).

All the old charts are still available in more or less the same form.  And we’re hoping to explore some of the new possibilities Open Flash Chart has to offer – so keep an eye on your stats.  Like we had to ask.

And in case you missed it: yes, blog stats now work in your time zone.

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