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My OSCON 2009 Session: Taming your Data...


Finally, it's there: In a few hours, I will be flying off to San Franscisco to attend OSCON 2009 in San Jose, California. This is the first time I'm attending, and I'm tremendously excited to be there! The sessions look very promising, and I'm looking forward to seeing some excellent speakers. I expect to learn a lot.

I'm also very proud and feel honoured to have the chance to deliver a session myself. It's called Taming Your Data: Practical Data Integration Solutions with Kettle.

Unsurprisingly, I will be talkig a lot about Kettle, a.k.a. Pentaho Data Integration. Recently, I talked about Kettle too at the …

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OSCON 2009 at a discounted rate

OSCON moves this year from Portland to San Jose.

As one the community panel for Drizzle: Status, Principles, and Ecosystem I also have a speaker discount which you can combine with O’Reilly having also extended early bird registration until June 23.

Be sure to add the os09fos code for an additional 20% off, and be sure to shout me a drink there.

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