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Re-implementing udf_init_error in MySQL 5.5 and up

To whom it may concern -

Today, I received an email from a user of the udf_init_error UDF (which resides in the lib_mysqludf_udf library). The purpose of this UDF is to generate an error condition, which can be used to abruptly terminate a trigger or stored procedure. As such it is a workaround for bug #11661. This is all described extensively in my now ancient article here.

The user wrote me because of a problem experienced in MySQL 5.5: ...calling

select …
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Cluster - spins/contentions and thread stuck in..

I get a number of question about contentions/"stuck in..". So here comes some explanation to:

  • Contention
  • Thread Stuck in
  • What you can do about it

In 99% of the cases the contentions written out in the out file of the data nodes (ndb_X_out.log) is nothing to pay attention to.

sendbufferpool waiting for lock, contentions: 6000 spins: 489200
sendbufferpool waiting for lock, contentions: 6200 spins: 494721

Each spin is read from the L1 cache (4 cycles on a Nehalem (3.2GHz), so about a nanosecond).
1 spin = 1.25E-09 seconds (1.25ns)

In the above we have:
(494721-489200)/(6200-6000)= 27 spins/contention
Time spent on a contention=27 x 1.25E-09=3.375E-08 seconds (0.03375 us)

So we don't have a problem..

Another example (here is a lock guarding a job buffer (JBA = JobBuffer A, in …

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Node failure handling - take 2

Jonas improved the node failure handling in MySQL Cluster 7.0.9 (and 6.3.29) so here comes a re-run of the a previous blog post. And the node failure handling time has improved a lot - see below.

I created in total 11345 tables, each with 128 columns, and then hit this bug.

When all tables were created, I stopped one node and measured how long time it takes for the other node to perform the node failure handling. Here is what was written into the cluster log (look at the bold lines):

2009-11-27 13:39:21 [MgmtSrvr] ALERT -- Node 4: Node 3 Disconnected

2009-11-27 13:39:21 [MgmtSrvr] ALERT -- Node 4: Network partitioning - arbitration required

2009-11-27 13:39:21 [MgmtSrvr] INFO -- Node 4: President restarts …
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Node failure handling

When a data node fails, the other data nodes must perform clean-up of the failed node.

E.g, to abort transactions in the PREPARE phase (Cluster uses a variant of the Two Phase Commit protocol) that has been started on the Data node that fails.
Various protocols (if the failed data node is the master) must also fail-over.

These things are carried out quite swiftly (configurable, but a couple of seconds by default but it also depends on the size of transactions that in the prepare phase that needs to be aborted).

I wanted to check how long time it takes to do node failure handling with many tables (16000+) in the cluster, because in a "normal" database with a couple of hundred tables, then the time spent on node failure handling is not a factor.

In this case I have two data nodes:

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